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The Natural Horse Talk Video Podcast is a one-stop resource for Natural Horse Care information. This unique webcast features stimulating interviews with natural horse care experts in a variety of fields. The information we share during the podcast literally transforms the way horse owners relate and care for their horses. All day…every day…our programs are accessed by horse lovers just like you!

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Audience! Our unique video podcast audience and guests includes veterinarians, alternative therapy providers, trainers, other equine professionals and horse guardians around the world.

Available! Natural Horse Talk video podcast is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Accessible! Natural Horse Talk video podcast is easy to access on our site.

Accurate! Natural Horse Magazine Publisher and show host, Lisa Ross-Williams offers expert information through interviews with holistic minded equine professionals.

Affordable! Where else can you get such invaluable information for FREE?

Achieve Results! Easy to use information allows you to make informed decisions about your horse's care.

Always Educational and Entertaining.  This exciting, one-of-a-kind, thought provoking show is a hit with horse lovers throughout the world.


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Calming Herbs for Stress in Horses - 2018/12/21 : Video Link

Stress in horses is far too common in today's world but fortunately, herbs can be very beneficial. Host Lisa Ross-Williams interviews Susan Livesey from Natural Sage herbs about (5) very powerful herbs to help with stress.



Havasupai horses - 2018/07/05 : Video Link

Learn about the abuse and neglect of the Grand Canyon Havasupai Falls Equines. Host Lisa Ross-Williams interviews Karen Pomroy-Founder of Equine Voices Rescue in this 35 minute video podcast. Karen wrote the article "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The truth behind Grand Canyon's Havasupai Falls" for Natural Horse Magazine's summer 2018 issue.



Flower Essences

Learn about the affordable, easy to use Flower Essences to help humans and animals with their emotional state. Host Lisa Ross-Williams interviews Harrah Carey in this 35 minute video podcast. Karen wrote the article "A Case for Flower Essences" for Natural Horse Magazine's fall 2018 issue.

Video Link