In Essence… A Series on Various Essential Oils for Animals
Sweet Orange

By Nayana Morag

This is one of a series of articles that will teach you about individual essential oils and how they can be used for your animals. These oils are all ones I use regularly in my practice with animals.

Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis )

Physical and energetic description: Smaller than the bitter orange which is used for Neroli oils (see the last issue of Natural Horse) the tree is not so hardy and has softer broader leaves. It is native to China and cultivated wherever there is a ‘Mediterranean’ climate. The expressed oil is mainly produced in Israel, Brazil and North America. The dried peel of orange has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries with the sweet orange being thought to increase bronchial excretion. It is also a traditional sign of good luck and prosperity. In Europe it has been used for nervous disorders, heart problems, colic, asthma and melancholy. Energetically this oil is very happy and positive helping to move built up stress and frustration. It is a good oil for the ‘perfectionist’ and those who try too hard, encouraging a more easy going attitude.

Physical uses: Youngster’s tummy upsets; mouth ulcers; obesity; constipation

Emotional uses: Nervous tension; depression, especially for youngsters; frustration; lack of ‘spark’.

Principal actions: Antispasmodic, calmative, carminative, cholagogic, digestive, stimulant, hepatic stimulant, stomachic.

Safety: Generally held to be non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. It is important to use organic orange as the high levels of pesticide used otherwise contaminates the oil.

Think ‘Sweet Orange’ in these conditions: Young or otherwise vulnerable animals who are of a nervous disposition and feel stressed to the point of explosion by learning, especially if there is a history of stomach upsets or overeating. Also a good ‘helper’ oil when a little lift is needed.fin


Nayana Morag is a qualified Essential Oil for Animals Therapist and a committee member of GEOTA. She has always been passionate about horses and has had the great good fortune to work with them all over the world. She has a special empathy for ‘problem’ animals (and people!) for whom Essential Oil Therapy is very helpful. She has also developed her own method of teaching riding based on the martial arts and body-awareness techniques and is the author of the “Riding Raps” series of audio tapes. Nowadays she lives in the UK and concentrates on educating animal owners in the use of essential oils and our role in our animals' well-being, running workshops and a Certificate course. For more information go to