Cowboy Poetry
By Harold Roy Miller



Tearing Down Memories

I built my horse sheds out of wood and particle board.
At the time, it was about all we could afford.
But after seven years they looked more like a shantytown
And it was high time to take them down.

Adding to the problem, our ornery horses liked to chew
And they gnawed some support beams clean clear through.
So we decided it was time to bring some closure,
to all this tantalizing, tempting wood exposure.
Now I don’t like wasting time so we plunged right in
And bought some shiny twelve foot panels of tin.
The old sheds had to be torn down before we could build new stalls
So my wife and I started ripping down the old weathered walls

But as we began to dismantle the worn-out sheds,
Dormant memories started running through our heads.
I remembered all those trips to the hardware stores
To buy nails, cement and crooked two by fours.

We recalled the time I had smashed my left thumb
And how for weeks it was swollen, purple and numb.
My wife and I recollected about how we got a good laugh,
When we leaned on wall beam and it broke right in half.

I recalled all the hard work digging three-feet holes
So we could cement the big square corner poles.
We kind of got nostalgic about the demolition,
but ignored our feelings, kept working toward our mission.

We finally got those horse sheds ripped apart
And in the process tore a few memories from my heart.
Those shed building times were counted as good
But I learned my lesson about making stalls out of wood.

Now as I sit on my patio and survey my place
I can see a questioning look on my horse's face
But I am happy the long era of error finally ended
and those new tin sheds, my, they certainly look splendid!hoofprint