June 2
June 2 Arrival


Saving the Innocents: Following Heather Evans and Tux, Part 1
The Journey Has Begun!!


A walk to save the lives of horses 

Courtesy of www.savingtheinnocents.com
Photos courtesy of Searlwyn Stables, www.searlwynstables.com

Free, Cheap & Easy Ways You Can Help*
URGENT NEED: Lodging for Heather and Tux, her horse. Please look at her route (The Mission ~ The Route). If you live anywhere along this route (or know someone who does) and are willing to accommodate and/or feed Heather and Tux please contact us.
If you know and can help with lodging and/or hay, please contact us at heather@savingtheinnocents.com or nanci@savingtheinnocents.com . Thank you so much!

We can also use media attention if you have any connections or media access. For any kind of help you can offer, you can email us at nanci@savingtheinnocents.com or heather@savingtheinnocents.com. Thank you.

After the first day on the road, the team realized that rest and a good meal are going to be the most cherished gifts of the journey. If you live along their travelled route [keep up with updates at www.savingtheinnocents.com/Their_Route.php] and have a spot for a horse and a tent (maybe even a hot shower!) and you would like to put them up, feed them or otherwise help them along their way, that would be wonderful and greatly appreciated. Please contact the team at heather@savingtheinnocents.com or nanci@savingtheinnocents.com.

Let them know that they MUST let their Premarin ranchers get re-involved with rescues who wish to purchase unwanted mares and foals from their Premarin program. Let them know that there is no reason to send to "slaughter" auctions the horses which have been used, abused and borne solely to create a medication enormously profitable to them. Let them know that America cares and we will NOT tolerate it.
Click on this link to send an email to mailto: PR@wyeth.com, and nanci@savingtheinnocents.com today. That's right, I'm checking on you! A copy comes to me too, so I can see if you'll do the right thing ~ the one thing that's actually FREE and you can do it RIGHT NOW without moving!! Do it more than once! Do it every day until Wyeth decides to let the rescues buy these animals ~ Hey, we aren't asking them to give them away, we're only asking to Let them live.

3. DONATE 1 DAY ~ ONLY $35
Become a "Day Sponsor". Contribute cash toward the daily cost of $35. You may sponsor as many days as you like. All donations will be tax deductible through Live and Let Live Farm, www.liveandletlivefarm.org , a non-profit rescue shelter for horses in New Hampshire. Make sure that you make the notation "Saving the Innocents" to be sure your donation is applied specifically to our cause.

Donate any other amount by check or credit card via PayPal' or 'Network for Good'. To make a donation, go to www.liveandletlivefarm.org. Go to "Donations" and choose your payment method. Make sure that you make the notation "Saving the Innocents" to be sure your donation is applied specifically to our cause. 

Go to www.liveandletlivefarm.org to purchase.

Groups along the way are encouraged to contact Teresa at Live and Let Live Farm (www.liveandletlivefarm.org) to arrange pledge walks or appearances that Heather can make to groups about her trip, the plight of the horses at the Premarin ranches in Canada or the rescuing of horses in NH.

Please let Heather know of any alternate routes that are more horse friendly along the route (heather@savingtheinnocents.com ). (On secondary roads, but basically following the main highways.)

Snacks and fresh water for Tux and Heather are welcome, so if you go to visit, a bucket of water and/or a flake of hay is always appreciated. The more help they get in that fashion, the less Tux and Heather have to carry. We will keep you updated as to their location on our "Heather's Trip Journal" page, www.savingtheinnocents.com/Journal.php. [Daily adventures there too!]

Get your friends together for some FUNdraising! Do whatever you can to raise money to assure that Heather can complete not only her journey, but her mission to make people aware and to save Premarin foals and mares. Have fun with it!

OOPS ~ SORRY!! I said cheap and easy, didn't I? If you are so inclined, we will not turn down any amount of money. More importantly, all money received, if not needed for the team's bare necessities, will go to rescue the Premarin horses that this is all about. Please be as generous as you can for this worthy cause.
How? Go to www.liveandletlivefarm.org . Go to "Donations" and choose your payment method. Make sure that you make the notation "Saving the Innocents" to be sure your donation is applied specifically to our cause.

Heather and Tux would love to meet you all, but please remember that she has a very passionate goal and she must continue moving for most of each day. If you would like to speak to her, feel free to do so, but be sure to wear your walking shoes!

* All funds not needed for the journey will be used to purchase and prevent Premarin horses from being slaughtered, and to be adopted by loving families instead.

Live and Let Live Farm
Live and Let Live Farm, Inc.
Teresa Paradise, Executive Director
20 Paradise Lane, Chichester, NH 03258
v: 603.798.5615; f: 603.798.3643
e: info@liveandletlivefarm.org

In Volume 8 Issue 3, NHM presented Heather Evans' plans to trek across the nation into Canada with her horse to raise awareness of the plight of the Premarin victims - horse and human alike. She is making a plea to the pharmaceutical giant, Wyeth, which is profiting hugely from making this controversial drug, to change their ways. Her journey has started, and we are pleased to report that to date, all is going well. Heather is making progress on the journey AND the awareness-raising, with TV news reporters (one on horseback!) meeting her along the way and interviewing her. Here is a progress report. Please get involved and help Heather in any way you can.

Tux's accommodations for the night
Tux checking out the other horses


On May 21,2006, Heather left Live and Let Live Farm (www.liveandletlivefarm.org) in Chichester, New Hampshire with her horse, Tux and her dog, Badger, to ride to Manitoba, Canada via Omaha, Nebraska (see our Route page for details). This ride will be 2400+ miles and will take approximately four and a half months.

Packing Up
Packing up in the morning

She is making this journey to raise money to save some of the Premarin horses in Canada and to raise awareness of a new situation wherein the drug company that manufactures Premarin refuses to work with rescues anymore. Although they have previously allowed horse rescues to purchase unwanted animals, now they will only allow their ranchers to sell the mares and foals to "slaughter" auctions where they will most likely be bought by the meat "kill" buyers. This is unnecessary and unthinkable ~ there are thousands of horse lovers in our great country (and the world) who would gladly contribute to save the lives of thousands of horses every year.

Getting Ready
Ready to go

Heather hopes that with the help of fellow horse lovers and concerned Americans, she can change the mindset of the drug company; and with the generosity of sponsors, pre-adopters and donors, can save lives and make a difference to these needy animals. Please look at our "Easy & Cheap Ways to Help" Page [listed below] to see what you, too, can do in this effort.

On the road
Departing Searlwyn Stables June 3

The first five miles of her trip was an opportunity for several dozen supporters to walk with Heather, Badger and Tux from the farm in Chichester to Arnie's Ice Cream on Loudon Road in Concord, NH. Arnie's Place has never seen the likes of it!

On the road
On the road again...

She knows that there are many people who care about these horses. Please spread the news of Heather's journey to friends and family. Insert the web address in an e-mail to them. Encourage them to help in any way they are able~ it's easier than you might think! Together we can make a difference.

Safe journey Heather & Tux

This is a worthwhile cause. Meet Heather along her route! Be a part of her journey! See how you, too, can help!
Thank you so much!
Heather, Tux and Badger

Heather & Tux overnight at Searlwyn Stables in Johnstown, NY
Day 14 - Saturday, June 3, 2006: Heather and Tux are safe and doing well in Fonda, NY, at the home of Sandy Allen, who owns the lovely Searlwyn Stables in Johnstown, NY.   We thank Sandy, who had the foresight to contact Heather before her journey even began to offer her hospitality.  Thank you so much, Sandy, for you graciousness and the peace of mind you gave to those who love Heather and have been worrying about her 4 to 5 month journey embarked upon with basically a horse, a tent and a sleeping bag.  You gave us tranquility about this one night, anyway, and it was welcomed!]
They are back on their journey again today. It's pretty overcast but should be a good travel day, not hot, not raining and quiet roads. She's all set with a place to stay tonight and I'm sending Nancy the number of a possibility for Monday night. It was a pleasure having her as our guest and easy to see why you are so proud of her. I am sending the article from The Daily Gazette, it had a nice picture, from the front!