Pony express

Horses and their Riders

by Harold Roy Miller


Horses mean nothing to a whole lot of folks,
Except as a part of their cowboy jokes.
They envision them as something obsolete from the distant past
and their worth and popularity are declining fast.

Others think owning a horse is an extra expense
That isn’t feasible and doesn’t make even one little bit of sense.
They don’t see any profit in owning or raising an equine
because to them making money is the bottom line.

A lot of people think they could find a much better use
for the money “ that is squandered” on a riding cayuse.
To them it is very quizzical and they think it’s odd
that the money wasn’t spent on a new 4-wheeling quad.

Some folks are neutral they can take horses or leave them.
So their chances of them buying one actually pretty slim
Fact is, there’s only a small faction of the world’s population
that have been abundantly blessed with an equine infatuation.

Anti-horse folks are unaware and don’t seem to realize
That horses are just like family through our biased eyes.
If one of the string is hurt or feeling under the weather,
horses and humans come to their aid  and will all rally together.

There is a touch of comradre that you feel when you are among
Horse folks whether they are old, middle-aged or young.
Conversations can last  for hours about the horses that you own
your favorite ones to ride or the winners you have shown.

No one cares if you are poor or have an endless money source,
All that really matters is your love for the horse
 I enjoy being in a horsetopia frame of mind
And a nicer group of people you would be hard pressed to find.