Healing Energy Exists In All Of Us

By Mary Alice Hoeschele

In modern western medicine, x-rays, pacemakers, electrocardiograms and nuclear medicine are a few examples of the way in which energy is utilized for diagnosing and treating various conditions and diseases. In addition to these forms of modern medicine, there are forms of energy healing that have been in existence around the world for thousands of years. They have been known to prevent disease, facilitate healing, help bring about cure, and in some cases (such as acupuncture) aid in diagnosis.

Many long-established practices embraced by various cultures use energy healing involving “hands on” or “touch” therapy. As the terms imply, these techniques are non-invasive, involving only touch. Reiki, the Japanese technique using spiritually guided life force energy, and Quantum Touch, focused on the body's resonance (vibrations), are examples of healing that involve the laying on of hands to channel energy that already exists in each of us. In addition, relaxation and stress reduction practices such as yoga (postures, breathing exercises, meditation), tai chi (slow, choreographed movements, breathing exercises), and qigong (movement, meditation, visualization) enhance the energy flow in one’s own body.

How do hands help heal?
Healers use their own energy fields to channel healing energy through their hands while offering a rebalance to the energy system of the recipient. The goal of the transference is to provide the recipient with the opportunity to create her own positive energy flow through and around the body. Within and on the surface of the body are energy pathways called meridians. Surrounding and within the body are chakras, large areas where energy swirls and flows. Balance is attained when life force energy, or chi (also known as ki, qi, or prana), is flowing optimally - within, throughout, and surrounding the body. It is believed that this positive directional energy flow promotes the body’s ability to heal.

In her book, Healing For Horses, The Essential Guide To Using Hands-On Healing Energy With Horses, Magrit Coates, a hands on healer from the United Kingdom specializing in helping horses and other animals explains, “Energy work is a form of healing that no one can lay claim to having discovered or invented for it is as ancient as our world and belongs to each and every one of us; each man, woman, and child of the universe who chooses to be a healing person rather than a hurting person.” On her website, www.theanimalhealer.com, and in her beautifully written books, Margrit shares her experiences as a healer and provides insight into the world of energy healing. The books she has written, now available in the US, include her newest book, Horses Talking - How To Share Healing Messages With Horses.

Additionally, Margrit explains, “Healing is done through love and that is the most important requirement needed.” We all have different strengths and weaknesses and some will have stronger abilities to send energy than others. Becoming a professional healer is something that is studied and learned, and practice makes the ability to be effective become stronger. Even at the end of one's life, receiving the transference of energy can aid in the soul’s release. It is at this time a practitioner can offer a positive touch toward departure.

Electronic fields are part of the make-up of every living creature. It is interesting to ponder and realize the miracle of energy that is within us. Each heartbeat is triggered by an electrical impulse from special cells located in the heart. In a healthy body, the brain has billions of cells generated by electrical currents that result from thought, sensation, and movement. But by applying a few simple techniques to this complex system we can eliminate stress and fatigue or quiet a busy mind. Try this exercise… simply stand or sit in a comfortable position and bring your focus inward, taking a few deep breaths. Think about something pleasant (perhaps sitting by a lake or enjoying the laughter of friends). By doing this for a few minutes, or longer if you like, you can clear your mind and relax.

When working with horses, approaching them calmly and offering a peaceful setting may help keep the horse calm. When standing with your horse, try acknowledging the horse’s sigh or deep breath by taking your own deep breath. You’ll be sending a quiet message of positive intention which can help improve your relationship and awareness of your horse. In everyday life, taking a few extra minutes a day to build loving relationships with our horses by safely touching or gently stroking or sending good thoughts either close up or at a distance are wonderful and loving ways to offer positive energy and may indeed encourage emotional and/or physical healing.

In conjunction with providing our own peaceful and healthy environment for ourselves and our horses and obtaining advice from our doctors and veterinarians, utilizing a qualified professional healer to provide hands on healing can also help us achieve and attain optimum health.
We all live each day as part of an infinitely vast and balanced universal system. The pause in our heartbeat allows us our life, the rest in music allows each note its significance, sleep allows us a renewal of our daily levels of energy, night becomes day. The mysteries of the highest source of energy surround and are within each of us. It is our infinite source that brightens and holds miraculous healing powers. Believe in your infinite source, and know that healing is affected by love. Blessings and peace. hoofprint

About the author:
Mary Alice Hoeschele is a Master Reiki Teacher and resides on her small farm in Rockland Township, Pennsylvania with her husband Tom, and their horses, cats and dog. She enjoys gardening and quilting and continues to study, practice and teach energy healing and meditation.