From the Editor


And many thanks.
Thank you all for your unwavering support of our endeavors, and our mission. Natural Horse Magazine is now starting its eighth year of publication, and we are looking forward to another year of bringing you the best in what's natural for the horse.

Thank you for being active in supporting the welfare of the horse. We have seen some very positive changes since we started NHM, and while the horse world is still troubled, for the most part there is a new awareness among horse people that is very promising. For one, horse slaughter is barely surviving, and because of only a few powerful entities, it struggles on… but not for long.

Another is the barefoot movement. Finally the 'conventional' publications are starting to cover it to some extent, and it is one big step in the right direction. Thanks to all those out there trimming, teaching, riding, and competing barefoot. Thanks to all those who have helped promote barefoot and bring a whole new level of awareness of the hoof to all horse people. Barefoot, for the good of the horse, has emerged and been noticed.

Thank you, natural horsemanship enthusiasts, whatever your age, for learning about the ways of the horse and spreading the word by 'doing'. Riding clubs, Pony Clubs and 4-H are beginning to see the light.

Thank you for buying healthy choices and organic foods, and saying NO to drugs and chemicals - for your horse and yourself - and for supporting the farmers who support the planet, and the practitioners who support true health. Our world is the animals' world too.

Yes, it seems things are looking better for the domestic horse and his world. In contrast, the wild horses issue and the ongoing travesty of removing them from their wild places so they can be 'managed' seems to be gaining momentum in many areas. In spite of efforts to stop their removal, more horses are rounded up or PZP-darted and otherwise interfered with, in the name of 'helping' them. Powerful entities (again) are in control. We must continue to push for letting the wild horses stay in the wild, in their natural habitat, on our public lands.

2006 may also be the year for intuition to come back in full force. Marta Williams starts off this issue with how to do so… and why. We also feature a few interviews with some very helpful and talented people, articles on hands-on bodywork, hoofcare by Pete Ramey, and lots more. Enjoy.

Welcome to the year 2006, and may it be filled with joy … and lots of natural horse fun, horse friends, adventure, great times, and good health.Hoof Print