From the Editor

In Living Color

I was a youngster when televisions first appeared in homes, and I still remember the excitement I felt when TV went color - wow, did that ever put forth a pleasant new dimension. I feel that same excitement again, as Natural Horse Magazine, at the end of its 7th year, has just gone color. Did you notice? J

What this means to us at NHM is that there will now be even greater opportunity to bring to you important information about natural care for your horses, with the use of color photos and diagrams. With color, differentiating parts of the ever-important hoof will be much easier, for instance. As you will see on the next page, the first article, Understanding the Horse's Soles, by Pete Ramey, has a wealth of superb color photos.

But color is not just for enhanced learning - it also provides enjoyment, for your reading pleasure. Viewing the landscape or sharing a bird's-eye view of a mustang band on a mountain is most definitely enriched by color, as you will see in Ginger Kathrens' breathtaking photos in America's Vanishing Wild Horses

And color can be healing, as in Chromatherapy (color therapy). Color affects us in many ways - our moods, activity, and even our metabolism. Color is visible energy - a spectrum of different light wavelengths - the only energy that we humans can see.

Also in the NHM news is our Writing Contest: True Stories - from You - about Your Natural Horse! Being around horses naturally opens up a whole new world. Inherently guided, by natural instincts, horses take us to places we humans might otherwise never have the opportunity to experience and explore. Horse people fondly share these experiences with each other, and we are inviting you to share your horse experiences in our NHM "TRUE STORIES" Writing Contest! Stories about love, life, healing, accomplishments, fun, adventure, etc are all welcome. All ages and levels of writing ability may participate. The Grand Prize: An 18" x 24" Portrait, (Not just a) Painting of Your Horse, by Ann Vashay Pedrick: Exquisite Equine Portraiture - Horsefaces by Vashay ( See details inside!

Just a friendly reminder - With the holidays fast approaching, remember Natural Horse as a horse-friendly gift for your friends, or for your friends' horses! Special rates apply for multiple subscriptions.

And remember your favorite Rescue organization ... Katrina has stretched us all … and let them know that NHM offers a fund-raising opportunity through our Partnership Program - call for details, or visit, scroll down and look left, and click on Here, under Partnership.

As always, if something about NHM displeases you, kindly let us know. If something about NHM pleases you, kindly tell your friends.    Happy holidays, and enjoy the issue!Hoof Print