Veterinarians to Provide Vaccine Disclosure Forms

Kris Christine’s son, Cole, is a contributing cartoonist to the Lincoln County Weekly.
Reprinted with permission


In a recent legislative session, LD 429, An Act to Require Veterinarians to Provide Vaccine Disclosure Forms, was referred to the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee. Risks associated with vaccinations, and how best to inform pet owners of these risks, were discussed. Dr. Ron Schultz and Dr. Ellis presented information and differing views on vaccination protocol.

The result is that the Maine Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee “strongly recommended” - in a formal letter to the Maine Veterinary Medical Association - that veterinarians give pet owners vaccine disclosure information regarding the duration of immunity of the vaccines, advantages and disadvantages of vaccines, and adverse side effects associated with them.

The proposal came after Kris Christine of Alna, Maine, said her veterinarian administered a vaccination her pet did not need - the dog suffered from an adverse reaction that led to cancer and subsequent removal of part of the leg. Kris believes that most veterinarians will not voluntarily provide disclosure, and expects that it will be necessary for the Committee to introduce the bill in December. If veterinarians refuse to disclose vaccination information, pet owners are encouraged to contact their representatives. As Christine puts it, “Pet owners are entitled to full disclosure. They deserve to know how long these vaccines have been proven for immunity.” And any risks should always be made clear to owners as well.

Other states are beginning to follow suit.


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