Clearing the Energy

By Cyrie Barnes

To help your animals clear themselves of bad energy, first run your hands along the Bladder pathway.


Just as it is important to energetically clear our animals when they are inadvertently in the midst of human beings arguing, or to release trauma for them, it is also important for us to know how to recognize symptoms and feelings that we may have been exposed to, and which are not ours.

The lowest energetic vibration wins, and therefore when we are faced with it, we may become it. Here is a simple example. Ever sit in a traffic jam feeling fine, listening to the radio, singing along? Suddenly the person behind you becomes frustrated and starts blowing on the horn. This encourages others to do the same. Now all around you is this "mad rage" and before you can stop yourself you find that you have joined the chorus and are feeling extremely irritated and short-tempered. It's as if you caught the "bug," when in fact, you have caught and been swept away by the energy. It happens to all of us, often.

So how do we clear this toxic energy? It is surprisingly simple. Wash your hands, let the water run through them and then shake them hard. Do it again if you need to. Drink water - a big refreshing glass. That will probably suffice unless the energy has permeated deeply into your field.

If this doesn't work, imagine a point of light above your head. Now take that light and imagine it moving down your body in a circular clockwise rotation. When you reach the soles of your feet let the energy out into the earth, or the floor of the car. Take a couple of deep breaths, and bring new energy back up into your body. (It is preferable to do this with your feet on the ground, but any new energy is better than bad energy.) Rotate this energy in a counterclockwise circle until you reach the point above your head. You should feel better. This is a good exercise to do after a long day at work, before you enter your home.

If you know you are going to be in a difficult environment, whether it is a meeting at work, an anticipated argument, or a convention center, you can protect your energy field in several ways. The easiest way that I know is to surround myself with white light - I imagine it to be a cocoon of light around me - and open my heart chakra. The energy that comes out of the heart chakra is drawn, not from our personal energy, but from the heavens. Therefore, opening the heart chakra sends love into a situation, and spares us from getting involved with our own drama. I have found this is very useful in my acupuncture practice - both with animals and human beings.

To assist your animals to clear themselves I offer these ideas: First, run your hands along the Bladder pathway to cleanse the energy. This pathway runs parallel to the spine, and is usually located between a half-inch and one and one-half inches lateral to the spine on both sides. (This depends on the size of the animal.) Using both of your hands and sweeping them above the body, toward the tail will certainly achieve the desired effect - you do not need to be precise about the location of the points.

The second thing to do is to give the animal some good, fresh water. If it has been really traumatized, I would suggest adding some Rescue Remedy (a flower essence) to the water. Third, take them out to play. Let them run and tumble, and jump for joy. Even better, if you can, find another animal for them to play with. Fourth, leave them alone to rebalance themselves. I do not mean put them off by them selves; I mean don't fuss over them so they can do their part to restore their energetic integrity.


This article is a selected excerpt from Chapter 9 of the book "Animals In Their Element" by Cyrie Barnes, Lic. Ac.


About the author:

Cyrie Barnes is a Licensed Acupuncturist, having been a human acupuncturist since 1978 and treating animals with Chinese medicine since 1981. In 1997 she became the first acupuncturist certified to treat animals in the US. Cyrie teaches a graduate program on animal acupuncture for acupuncture practitioners and veterinarians, and is a faculty member of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Maryland. She has been a cornerstone for, and a great supporter of, the advancement of alternative medicine for animals. Cyrie lives in Sonoma County, California with her family and their four dogs and four horses.