In Essence… A Series on Various Essential Oils for Animals

By Nayana Morag


This is one of a series of articles that will teach you about individual essential oils and how they can be used for your animals. These oils are all ones I use regularly in my practice with animals.


Juniperberry (Juniperus communis)

Physical and energetic description: A shrubby evergreen tree with bluish green needles, small flowers and green or black berries. It is found throughout the northern hemisphere. There are several species of Juniper from which an oil is produced so pay attention to the Latin name. Traditionally used for urinary infections, respiratory problems and gastro-intestinal conditions, it cleanses the liver and breaks down uric acid. Juniper's sharp pungent fragrance dispels negativity, and since ancient times it has been used for spiritual purification; it is especially powerful at clearing out and protecting our psychic space. It fortifies those who get withdrawn and lost in themselves and have lost their social confidence or who are overwhelmed by the fear of failure.

Physical uses: arthritis; oedema; overworked soft tissue; muscle cramps; azoturia; after medical procedures to cleanse the liver

Emotional uses: those who are overwhelmed by, or restless in, crowds or lack social confidence; aloof individuals who hold themselves apart as a result of bad past experience or fear

Safety: Generally held to be non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. It should be used with caution in patients with kidney inflammation. Do not use in pregnancy.

Nayana Morag is a qualified Essential Oil for Animals Therapist and a committee member of GEOTA. She has always been passionate about horses and has had the great good fortune to work with them all over the world. She has a special empathy for ‘problem' animals (and people!) for whom Essential Oil Therapy is very helpful. She has also developed her own method of teaching riding based on the martial arts and body-awareness techniques and is the author of the "Riding Raps" series of audio tapes. Nowadays she lives in the UK and concentrates on educating animal owners in the use of essential oils and our role in our animals' well-being. She also teaches on the GEOTA certification course. For more info go to