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The Horse Behavior Problem Solver:
Your Questions Answered About How Horses Think, Learn, and React

By Jessica Jahiel

© 2004 by Jessica Jahiel
ISBN 1-58017-525-2 hardcover;
1-58017-524-4 paperback
Storey Publishing
210 MASS MoCA Way
North Adams , MA 01247
Paperback and Hardcover,
6' x 9', 336 Pages
Approx. $20 US paperback,
$30 US hardcover


Have questions about your horse? Jessica Jahiel has answers, a whole book full of them - The Horse Behavior Problem Solver. This Q&A format is user-friendly and covers topics grouped into On the Ground, Under Saddle, At Home, and Away from Home. Jahiel has put together a useful, all-encompassing text full of interesting situations with helpful answers, whatever your horse's age, gender, breed, or discipline. A Resources section and large index are included. A great horse-owner's guide!


Lessons in Lightness:
The Art of Educating the Horse

By Mark Russell with Andrea W. Steele

© 2004 Mark Russell and Andrea W. Steele
ISBN 1-59228-360-8
Published by The Lyons Press
PO Box 480
Guilford , CT 06437
Hardcover, 7' x 10.5', 178 Pages
Approx. $23 US


In Lessons in Lightness, trainer and horseman Mark Russell presents a program for horses and riders of any level to achieve lightness and progress toward optimal unity. Mark demonstrates why relaxation and effective communication are essential to lightness. He incorporates horse behavior, anatomy, and the nature of the horse throughout. Mark takes the horse and rider, together as a unit, through this step-by-step training and development process, detailed throughout via helpful black-and-white photos and diagrams. Text includes brief Key Terms and Recommended Reading sections. An overall horse-friendly book, for any riding discipline.



Wild Horses of the Dunes
By Rich Pomerantz

© 2004 by Rich Pomerantz

ISBN 0-7624-1775-7
Courage Books,
Running Press
125 South 22 nd St .
Philadelphia , PA 19103-4399
Hardcover, 9.5' tall x 13' wide, 80 Pages
Approx. $13 US

Wild Horses of the Dunes , a coffee table book containing an abundance of beautiful color photos, documents the natural life and history of the Chincoteague ponies and their volunteer firemen caretakers. This delightful book will inform, entertain, and enlighten the reader with its generous well-written text and rich photos. Pomerantz compassionately portrays nature at its finest, wild horses, on Assateague Island. Stories and photos of the famed Pony Swim are included. A delightful book to have or give.



The Power to Win:
Achieving Peak Performance with Hypnosis and NLP

By Laura Boynton King

ISBN: 1-59228-395-0
© 2004 Laura Boynton King
The Lyons Press
PO Box 480
Guilford , CT 06437
Hardcover, 9' x 9', 210 pages
Approx. $23 US


The conscious mind is only 12% of the mind. So what is the rest of the mind all about? Laura Boynton King explains, in Achieving Peak Performance with Hypnosis and NLP. Each chapter covers a critical area of the subconscious mind, informing the reader/ rider and guiding him/her through a do-it-yourself program for making quick and effortless positive change to achieve desired results, such as confidence and peak performance with horses. Lots of black and white photos, sketches, and diagrams are included; has a helpful index. A must read!


The Rider's Fitness Program

By D. Dennis, J. McCully, P. Juris

© 2004 by D. Dennis, J. McCully, P. Juris
ISBN 1-58017-542-2
Storey Publishing
210 MASS MoCA Way
North Adams , MA 01247
Paperback, 8.5' x 11', 218 pages
Approx. $20 US


Physical fitness exercises geared toward the rider - to improve balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and skill mastery, to attain oneness with your horse, in only 6 weeks - is what The Rider's Fitness Program is all about. Clear black and white photos and sketches accompany the exercise and workout descriptions, organized into a progressive 3-phase, 6-week program to benefit any level of rider. This well-prepared book includes a tear-out progress check sheet and mounted exercises poster, Glossary, Index, and Resources section. A great help for any less-than-fit riders.


The Revolution in Horsemanship
And What It Means to Mankind

By Robert M. Miller DVM and Rick Lamb

© 2005 by Dr. Robert M. Miller and Rick Lamb
ISBN 1-59228-387-X
The Lyons Press
PO Box 480
Guilford , CT 06437
Paperback 8' x 10.5', 354 pages
Approx. $25 US


The Revolution in Horsemanship is a very well-written, interesting, and informative text, profiling some of the more well-known natural horsemen and women of today and the more recent past, the ones most noted for this welcome revolution in horsemanship. It presents the main ideas and philosophies behind the featured individuals' horsemanship teachings, pointing out that while there are small differences, they all share a common thread - communication without force. The evolution of horsemanship, and why it is now that this revolution has taken hold, is discussed, as are its implications for mankind. This comprehensive book contains a wealth of important information, accompanied by black and white photos of horses and horsemen throughout. Included are an Appendix, Glossary, Bibliography, and Suggested Reading, and a helpful Index. This is a very timely and welcome book, a must-read, a treasure that will impact everyone who reads it.


What Horses Reveal
From First Meeting to Friend for Life

By Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

© 2004 by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
ISBN 1-57076-285-6
Trafalgar Square Publishing
Box 257 , Howe Hill Rd.
North Pomfret, VT 05053
Hardcover, 8' x 11', 207 Pages
Approx. $30 US, release 5/15/05


In What Horses Reveal, Klaus helps the reader learn how to recognize the nature of one's horse and develop a deep mutual understanding and lifetime friendship. He discusses in depth what makes for success or failure in the relationship, and why knowing oneself is important. Klaus presents his unique way of being and approach to horses, with hundreds of explicit color photos capturing precise moments to demonstrate body language in horse and human encounters. He explains that much goes on beyond the obvious physical encounter, often in a moment's time, but one can learn to recognize what the horse reveals. He also has named, pictured, and defined 26 character groups, into which every horse can be categorized, and for which certain types of individuals are best suited. What Horses Reveal is an interesting, informative, and very thought-provoking book that can help the reader improve himself, as well as his horse-human relationship.


Horse Schools, 2nd Edition

By Angelia Almos

© 2005 by Angelia Almos
ISBN 1-57076-297-X
Trafalgar Square Publishing
Box 257 , Howe Hill Rd.
North Pomfret, VT 05053
Paperback, 8.5' x 11', 328 pages
Approx. $25 US


The revised edition of Horse Schools, The International Guide to Universities, Colleges, Preparatory and Secondary Schools, and Specialty Equine Programs, is now available. New schools have joined this comprehensive list and updates to previous listings have been made. Angelia has kept the same user-friendly format and icon identifiers, and the book has an improved look. All the same great information is there to help the person looking for a horse-related school, wherever they may be.


Raise Your Hand If You Love Horses:
Pat Parelli's Journey from Zero to Hero

By Pat Parelli with Kathy Swan

© 2004 by Western Horseman
ISBN 0-911647-75-9
Western Horseman
3850 North Nevada Ave.
Box 7980
Colorado Springs , CO 80933-7980
Paperback, 8' x 11', 205 pages
Approx. $24 US


Pat Parelli has done more than any other natural horseman to further the revolution in horsemanship, and finally his life is portrayed in the pages of Raise Your Hand If You Love Horses, an autobiography. Pat is no ordinary person, as is evidenced in these chronicles of his life. Childhood days are briefly covered, with the emphasis on his more recent years and the evolution of Natural Horse-Man-Ship. Key people in his life are featured, with anecdotes from influential horse people scattered throughout. Contains hundreds of great color photos of memorable people, moments, and places in his life, up to the present. A very entertaining and informative read.



Video ‘Views


El Caballo:
The Wild Horses of North America

By Drury Gunn Carr and Doug Hawes-Davis

© 2001 High Plains Films/ Fund for Animals
ISBN (VHS): 1-56029-913-4
ISBN (DVD): 1-59458-100-2
Bullfrog Films
PO Box 149 , Oley, PA
Institution orders: Bullfrog Films
Single orders: High Plains,
P.O. Box 8796 , Missoula, MT 59807
55 minutes
$19.95 (DVD, S&H incl., High Plains Films)

A level-headed but powerful presentation, this video is a multi-award-winning documentary about the plight of the wild mustangs throughout history. El Caballo provides a quick education on wild horses, with excellent footage and explanation of all aspects of the wild horse issue, including their origin, and interviews with experts in their fields. The typical and atypical situations, and attempted solutions, are frankly discussed. Although produced before this recent upheaval of wild horse protection, El Caballo is timely and portrays an accurate picture of the torment these horses have endured, and still do, at the hands of man, who thinks the horses need to be MANaged. Surprising realities are revealed. El Caballo is a realistic call to action - A MUST SEE.


My Space - Your Space:
Understanding Horse Culture

With Mary Ann Simonds

© 2004 Anticipate Productions
Mystic Horse
10507 SE 3rd St .
Vancouver , WA 98664
60 minutes
Approx. $30 US



My Space, Your Space presents to the viewer the techniques used by behaviorist Mary Ann Simonds to improve the horse human relationship. This carries over to improved performance. Horse behavior and culture are discussed as a small herd of horses romp and interact in their pasture. Body language and defining space are demonstrated as a means to establish a safer and more meaningful relationship, using the same methods horses use to establish leadership, gain confidence, build friendships, and earn trust and respect. A delightful and informative video.