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The Sound Hoof: Horse Health From The Ground Up

By Lisa Simons Lancaster

© 2004 Tallgrass Publishers, LLC
ISBN 0-9645982-7-2
Tallgrass Publishers
4559 Red Rock Dr
Larkspur, CO 80118
888-841-7211 toll free
Paperback, 7' x 9', 125 Pages
Approx. $27 US

In "The Sound Hoof: Horse Health From The Ground Up", Lisa Lancaster provides sound and useful information about the equine hoof and its connection to the body. This book presents a holistic approach to hooves as the foundation to the horse's overall health, and recognizes that healing is an ordinary function of a living being that will happen if the impediments are removed and an environment for healing is provided.

"The Sound Hoof" demystifies current trimming and shoeing practices, and discusses current and traditional beliefs and theories surrounding common hoof problems, including causes and solutions. This informative and easy-to-read book covers hoof structure and balance, evaluating soundness, pros and cons of barefoot and shoeing, clinical signs of laminitis and navicular, the latest scientific studies, how to recognize early signs of hoof problems and other health problems, dynamic hoof balance, and more. An 11-point checklist for hoof health is presented. This text also clarifies and exemplifies our responsibilities as horse caretakers. By providing sound and comprehensive information regarding a balanced, healthy hoof and horse, Lisa's book enables caretakers to make educated decisions for their horses.

A guide as well as a reference text, this book provides a wealth of clear black and white photos and diagrams, with concise explanations. Chapter highlights and recommended reading are listed at the end of each chapter. One chapter is devoted to sport horses performing all kinds of sports barefoot. This comprehensive text also contains a handy Hoof Report Card, Selected Resources and References, and an Index. Lisa Lancaster's "The Sound Hoof: Horse Health From The Ground Up" is an enjoyable read and a must-have for anyone involved with horses - because the hooves, the horse's foundation, affect the whole horse. Highly recommended.

The Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book

By Joyce Harman, DVM, MRCVS

© 2004 by Joyce Harman, DVM, MRCVS
ISBN 1-57076-292-9
Trafalgar Square Publishing
Box 257, Howe Hill Rd.
North Pomfret, VT 05053
Paperback, 8.5' x 9', 218 Pages
Approx. $30 US

Good saddle fit - what it is, why it matters, and how it is achieved, is one topic of this helpful book; the other is a pain-free back, which relates to and involves more than saddle fit. Dr. Joyce Harman presents easy-to-understand information throughout this clearly-written text with hundreds of excellent color photos and diagrams. A saddle that allows the horse's back to function correctly is what every horse and rider needs - and it should fit the rider as well. And a well-functioning back is critical. This book explains how and why it can all come together, with its discussions and presentations on the function and care of the horse's back, measuring backs, saddle construction, conformation, saddle pads, rider balance, performance, management, assessing fit for horse and rider, finding the right saddle, and lots more. Contains important and helpful Resources for horse and rider, Recommended Reading and Viewing, and a helpful Index. Highly recommended - every rider will want to read this book.


Dressage for the New Age

Second Edition

By Dominique Barbier
with Mary Daniels

© 1996 by Dominique Barbier and Mary Daniels
ISBN 0-671-76269-9
Published by Barbier Productions
Shepher Grade Road
Post Office Drawer D
Shepherdstown, WV 25443
Paperback, 8.5' x 8.5', 157 Pages
Approx. $35 US

Dressage is a term that means different things to different people, but what it originally means is simply 'training the horse'. Dressage does not need to be complicated, but it does need to work within the nature of the horse. In this second edition of "Dressage for the New Age", Dominique and Mary explain why and how. They discuss the importance of the mind and how to use it as an aid in riding (often overlooked by riding teachers), the need for a dialogue with the horse and how to build and implement it, and the movements of the horse - what they are and how they apply to riding and dressage.

Natural balance, collection, and lightness are the theme throughout, for working in hand and mounted, and it is evident that the authors believe harmony between horse and rider is not something that can be mechanically induced or forced. Being on the bit, lightness, and contact are discussed and explained, clearing up common misconceptions about dressage.

This book aims to help the rider establish a truly communicative relationship with the horse. Every rider and trainer will benefit from this enjoyable book, as will their horses.



Parelli Level 1 NEW Partnership Pack

© 2004 by Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship

PO Box 3729
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
Approx. $250 US

Want to go to a Parelli Savvy Center but can't? Then let it come to you. With this brilliantly organized package, you can experience the entire Parelli Level 1 course, Partnership, in its revised, expanded, and updated format, on your own turf. This well-prepared pack, the new Level 1 Partnership Pack, is Part 1 of Pat Parelli's Natural Horse-Man-Ship Program, a program that offers you a ready-made, easy to apply plan - a series of various activities for you and your horse to enjoy and benefit from, mutually. Any gaps from the original Partnership Pack have been filled in, and plenty more has been added to solidify, round out, and enhance the whole experience. If you want to learn Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship and have a kind, natural relationship with your horse, this is the comprehensive program for you.

This Level 1pack contains a generous 14.5 hours of quality DVD coaching, lectures, and demonstrations. The 6 DVDs guide you through the program, which is all about the ever-important Seven Games, and a whole lot more. This pack also includes a series of 7 pocket-sized booklets that spell out the activities you do with your horse, step-by-step, and are meant to be carried in your pocket with you, for easy reference, when playing with your horse. As you go through the DVDs and booklets, your accomplishments and notes can be written into the Log Book (which contains suggestions on more creative ways to apply the activities), and your progress checked off on the mini-poster Success Map chart. This is a motivating course that allows you to progress at your own rate and self-assess before you proceed. The Theory Guide is a book packed with knowledge - about horse psychology, human psychology, common myths about horses and horsemanship, keys to success (with a related audio CD included), natural riding dynamics, and lots more. There is even a Level 2 Prep Guide to get you on your way to even more rewarding experiences in the next level of the Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship Program.

Level 1, Partnership, as well as the entire program, recognizes and honors that while horses have commonalities and humans have commonalities, all horses and humans are individuals. It will help you understand your horse, and will give you a language and tools for effective communication, along with a solid plan for achieving a wonderful, workable partnership. Instead of putting your hard-earned cash into riding lessons, trainers, and more tack, why not discover a better way that makes having a horse a whole lot safer, more fun, and much more rewarding - in your own time, and at a fraction of the cost of attending a Savvy Center?