Turn on the Juice - Noni Strikes Again

By Charity Beckett

After using a new natural supplement (featured in Natural Horse, Volume 5, Issue 5) on my barrel racing and roping horses I found myself jumping for joy to see one of my horses' chronic cough gone, and the soreness he had been suffering from for some time in his withers (despite switching saddle pads and saddles) almost completely gone - and it was in less than a month. Not only did I notice a change in his cough and soreness but I also noticed an increase in his energy levels, performance levels, and alertness, which - for barrel racing - are three of the most important factors to the game.

If anyone knows anything about barrel racing and keeps an eye on the best of the best, the last TWO World Champion Barrel Racers won on it too - it's called Tahitian Noni Juice, made from the tropical noni fruit. It's an all-natural food supplement that can benefit the bodies of both animals and humans in many ways.

According to Dr. John Byrd, a New Mexico vet, one of the first things that Charmayne James (2002 World Champion Barrel Racer) noticed on Cruiser was more attentiveness. Race horse trainers say the same thing. Not only does Charmayne feed it to her competitive horses, she feeds it to her number one prize winner, Scamper, and for anyone who has seen him at his age, you would never believe he wasn't 5 years old.

That's what most people tell me who have tried it - they too feel younger and have noticed an increase in energy, the ability to do more things in one day than they used to be able to, less arthritis discomfort, and fewer or no migraine headaches - including my own. I have also heard of others who have given it to their dogs - one because of growths in the eyes, which have decreased and even disappeared, and also for horses with abscesses, which were quickly gone. Tahitian Noni Juice claims to enhance the immune system, digestive system, circulatory system, and metabolic system, and to promote healthy skin and hair - through working at the cellular level and helping the body to rid itself of harmful free radicals. (See NHM, Volume 5 Issue 5.)

I believe in sound nutrition and good food, and this tropical fruit named noni is just that - its juice can benefit any animal that you give it to, or any person for that matter. I know, because my horses love it and thrive on it, and I have felt its benefits myself.

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