Horse Wise:
Thinking Outside the Stall and Other Lessons I Learned from My Horse

By Cheryl Kimball
Copyright by Cheryl Kimball
ISBN 1-57324-866-5
Conari Press, Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC
PO Box 612
York Beach , ME 03910-0612
Softcover, 5' x 7', 116 pages
Approx. $13 US

'Horse Wise' is not a little leaf-through book with pages of cute sayings - it is a little book with a lot of substance. Its wealth of lessons from the horse entertains while bringing insight and information to the reader. Cheryl's knowledge was gained through a quest for good horsemanship and by learning through her interactions with horses. What she learned is what this book is all about - keep it simple, learn to think differently, lead through respect not dominance, and consider the horse's perspective. An enjoyable and informative read.


Metal in the Mouth:
The Abusive Effects of Bitted Bridles

By W. Robert Cook, FRCVS, PhD
& Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD
Copyright 2003 by W. Robert Cook
ISBN 0-9685988-5-4
Published by Sabine Kells
PO Box 44
Qualicum Beach , BC
Canada V9K 1S7
Paperback spiral bound, 5.5' x 8.5', 134 pages
Approx. $29 US

If you think that even the ‘mildest' bit is harmless to the horse, you can think again. In 'Metal in the Mouth', Drs. Cook and Strasser describe in detail just what goes on in this highly sensitive body cavity and why the bit method of communication is inhumane, dangerous, and counterproductive - regardless of rider expertise. Why and how the bit damages and interferes - Mouth; Throat and Lungs; Jaw; Generation of Energy; Teeth; Windpipe; Neck, Back, and Legs - is clearly and comprehensively presented and supported by over 50 years of scientific research findings. Many good diagrams and photos; a must-read for any rider.


Animal Communication with Kathy George:
A Simple Guide to Assist How to ‘Listen' to the Animals

By Kathy George
Copyright 2004 by Kathy George
Paperback spiral bound, 5.5' x 8.5', 70 pages

If you want to learn how your intuitive side, your sixth sense, can become part of your everyday life, this is the book for you. Designed to be a companion book to the educational lectures and workshops its author offers, this guide presents simple, effective ways by which animal lovers can learn how to communicate effectively - and non-verbally. These delightful pages, though not professionally edited, are easy and fun to read, follow, and use. Kathy's no-nonsense, upbeat, down-to-earth conversational writing style is clear and concise in its meaning, and her explanations, examples, and exercise descriptions make 'Animal Communication with Kathy George' a very worthwhile little book.


Practical Horse Massage:
Techniques for Loosening and Stretching Muscles

By Renate Ettl
Copyright 2000 by Cadmos;
First Lyons Press Edition 2003
ISBN 1-59228-185-0
Published by The Lyons Press
Guilford , CT 06437
Hardcover, 7' x 10.5', 96 pages
Approx. $28 US

If you want to learn to do massage for your horse, this book will give you a good, broad-based introduction - including basic body parts and functions, biomechanics, fitness, and feeding as well as many massage techniques and benefits to stretching. Nice color photos show how techniques are applied.


Equine Massage/ Muscle Therapy -
Revised Edition

By Mike Scott
Copyright 1996 Mike Scott
ISBN 0-9662677-3-7
Massage Muscle Therapy Productions
809 Kirkwood Circle
Camden , SC 29020
Paperback, 8.5' x 11', 197 pages
Approx. $33 US

Mike Scott 's revised edition of ' Equine Massage/ Muscle Therapy' is now available. This updated edition presents numerous updated photos and graphics and still contains the important information from the original, including the related sections of Saddle Fit, Exercises, Integrative/ Adjunctive Therapies, and more. See NHM Volume 2 Issue 4 complete review.


Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses

By Dr. Mary Brennan
ISBN 1-57076-279-1
356 pages, 7.5' x 10'
Approx. $30.00 US

The new paperback edition of 'Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses' by Dr. Mary Brennan [see complete review in NHM V3 I5] is now available. This comprehensive text, containing over 90 color and b/w photos and graphics, is a must-have for the horse caretaker.

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Natural Solutions for Spooky Horses

With Pat Parelli
Copyright 2003, Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship
PO Box 3729
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
1 hour 17 minutes
Approx. $30 US

Horses, being prey animals, are naturally perceptive to danger. This is what makes them ‘spooky'. In this lengthy CD, Pat Parelli talks about training with psychology and planning, and demonstrates how - through love, language and leadership - a person can earn the horse's trust. He explains and demonstrates how the horse will accept the person's leadership, and how horse and human can pair-bond. ' Utah', a 4-year-old mustang, is afraid of tarps, being squirted with a water hose, clapping, and more. Pat shows how this horse can be helped to become comfortable with these things. This professionally produced video is fun to watch and will be most helpful for the spooky horse, and any horse.


My Horse Won't Go

With Pat Parelli
Copyright 2003, Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship
PO Box 3729
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
~115 minutes
Approx. $30 US

In this professionally produced video starring Pat Parelli and quarter horse 'George', Pat discusses emotions in horses - and what they have to do with a horse's impulsion. Pat talks about temperament, spirit level, horsenality, and more while he demonstrates, using the four phases of friendly firmness, what to do when a horse's ‘go' button gets sticky. This is an excellent CD for helping the human tune up his communication skills as well as tuning up the horse's gas pedal