Wild Horses:

The World's Last Surviving Herds

By Elwin Hartley Edwards
Copyright 2003 Elwyn Hartley Edwards (text);
Studiocactus Ltd/ Hylas Publishing (compilation)
ISBN 1-59258-019-X
Publisher Sean Moore
Hylas Publishing
129 Main St .
Irvington , NY 10533
Hardcover 10.25' x 10.25', 144 pages
Approx. $25 US

'Wild Horses' is full of stunningly beautiful color photos of wild horses in their natural environments. This fine book describes the decline of the world's wild horse population after domestication. It tells the story of the horse from eohippus of 60 millennia ago to today. It discusses the instincts and behaviors of the horse, and why the horse is, physically and otherwise, what he has become through evolution. There are many types of wild, or more accurately feral, horses in many parts of the world, all featured in this lovely book. Chapters include: Creature of Instinct; The Primitive Connection; Tiger-Horses of Africa; Asses of the Wilderness; Iberian Legacy; Horses of the Steppes; A Million Mustangs; A Plague of Brumbies; Sea and Island; Teutonic Root; Mountain and Moorland; Horse and Man. There is a glossary, index, and acknowledgements. 'Wild Horses', with its authentic photos and stories, presents a true picture of life for these remaining feral and wild horses. This book is educational, both pictorially and editorially, and very moving. A must have for the horse lover.

The Horses of Proud Spirit

By Melanie Sue Bowles
Copyright 2003 by Melanie Sue Bowles
ISBN 1-56164-285-1
Pineapple Press, Inc.
PO Box 3889
Sarasota , FL 34230
Hardcover, 6.25' x 9.25', 200 pages
Approx. $19 US

In 'The Horses of Proud Spirit', author Melanie Sue Bowles relates factual stories about the horses of Proud Spirit Sanctuary, how they came to live there, and how this unplanned sanctuary came to be. These are very touching, astonishing, and sometimes hair-raising stories that will make the reader laugh, cry, and fall in love with the horses they are about. It is evident that Melanie Sue genuinely loves and is committed to the horses in her care, and to the well-being of all horses and their world. 'The Horses of Proud Spirit' tells of abuse, neglect, ignorance, and loss, but most of all tells about strength, love, compassion, and the horse's ability to regain trust. Each horse's story is unique, and Melanie Sue writes in an easy-to-read, fun style that makes it impossible for the reader to put the book down. This is a book that anyone, regardless of horse experience, will enjoy.





Horse Theft Prevention Handbook

By J. Amelita Donald
Copyright 1999 The Blood Horse, Inc.
ISBN 1-58150-021-1
The Blood Horse, Inc.
Box 4038
Lexington , KY 40544-4038
Two Horse Enterprises
PO Box 15517
Fremont, CA 94539
Paperback, 5.5' x 8.5', 62 pages
Approx. $10.50 US

Did you know that as many as 40,000 horses and ponies are stolen annually in the United States? Although horse theft cannot always be prevented, it can be deterred. "Horse Theft Prevention Handbook" will help explain how to deter theft and what to do if your horse is stolen. It points out that delaying action can cost research time, money and possibly the life of your horse. 'Horse Theft' has 5 chapters, including What To Do If Your Horse is Missing, Horse & Property Theft Prevention, and Methods of Equine ID for Theft Prevention. The helpful Appendices list Resources for Equine Identification, Equine Abattoirs, and Equine Brand Inspection Programs in North America. This little book also explains how owners make things easy for thieves. Knowing what to do and what not to do can help you keep your horse with you. This is an important little book that every horse owner should read.




The Chosen Road:
Achieving High Performance through applied Equine Podiatry

By KC La Pierre
Copyright 2004, Keith 'KC' La Pierre
ISBN 0-9748585-0-1
First Edition
Naked Greyhound Press
73 Greentree Dr. #79
Dover , DE 19904
Paperback 8.5' x 11', 140 pages
Approx. $40 US

'The Chosen Road: Achieving High Performance through applied Equine Podiatry' has as its subtitle 'A Comprehensive Guide to Whole Health Hoof Care'. Written by Keith 'KC' La Pierre, this informative text presents more than a mere trim - it is a wholistic approach to hoofcare. Its chapters are: Philosophies & Principles of Barefoot Equine Podiatry; The Suspension Theory of Hoof Dynamics; Developing the HPT Model; Environment, the Deciding Factor; Know Your Horse's Hooves; Creating A Spectrum of Usability; Tools of the Trade, Use and Care; Safely Working Under Your Horse; The HPT Method and the Practical Application of Equine Podiatry; Promoting Soundness Through Sound Reasoning; and Conclusion. It also contains a large selection of black and white photos and drawings, a bibliography, index, glossary, and clinic and product info/resources. KC presents great practical ideas for becoming a better hoof and horse observer, recognizing differences, handling horses, and handling legs, hooves, tools, etc. KC takes the reader through (pictorially and descriptively) the practical application of Equine Podiatry and its related theories. The author's occasional lack of clarity of explanation is made up for in this book's clear purpose - it is unmistakably FOR the hoof and FOR the horse.



Mojo The Blind Friesian

By Laura Beeman
Copyright 2003 by Laura Beeman
ISBN 0-7414-1562-3
Published by Infinity Publishing
519 West Lancaster Ave.
Haverford , PA 19041-1413
Paperback, 8' x 8', 65 pages
Approx. $15 US

'Mojo The Blind Friesian', subtitled 'A True Story About Overcoming Challenges', is an amazing short-story about a blind horse and the people who love him - and gave him the chance to be all that he can be. Mojo's story, from birth to his becoming blind to his days under saddle, is about overcoming challenges and leading a fulfilling life. This book is written for children.



Intuitive Touch with Horses

By Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones
copyright 2004 by Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones
Animals Healing, Inc.
PO Box 545
Pound Ridge, NY 10576
60 minutes
Approx. $30 US

Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones' 'Intuitive Touch with Horses - Through Awareness, Bodywork and Communication' brings to the viewer various useful hands-on techniques and much more. This well-produced, visually pleasing, gentle video is inspiring and easy to follow for any age. Segments include: The Nature of Horses; Awareness; Bodywork; Scratching - The Horse's way of Massage; Acupressure; Centering Breathwork; and Nonverbal Communication. The information presented is well-organized and offers a wealth of practical ideas for deepening the connection and enhancing the relationship with one's horse. The well-being of the horse and his human is the focus of this video. All techniques are clearly explained and demonstrated on several horses, and enclosed with the video is a postcard-sized Barn Reference Guide of basic acupressure points and a free Horse Scratcher. Lynn and Deborah have gone the extra mile in providing an interesting and informational video that every horse caretaker should see.