Fear and Intuition

I have been hearing a commercial on the radio for the flu vaccine for people. It states that "The only way to prevent the flu is by" getting their vaccination. I don't know how it is that a pharmaceutical company can make such a blatant and false claim and get away with it, when vitamins and herbs are being so threatened and their labels so scrutinized these days. Well, maybe I do know how it is. We are simply taken advantage of, through a natural emotion.

Fear is defined as "a distressing emotion aroused by an impending pain, danger, evil, etc., or by the illusion of such " (emphasis mine). Fear is a normal, healthy, useful emotion that informs us there may be danger. It is partly responsible for the evolution and survival of horses and other prey throughout the ages. Its purpose is clear; it alerts us to assess a threat. And then we act.

Panic is hysterical or irrational behavior resulting from sudden overwhelming fear. Interestingly, panic will happen even if the fear is from 'the illusion of impending danger'. We even panic just because others panic. And that is what gets us to buy into 'preventions', whether they are good or bad, and whether the dangers are real or fabricated.

So this is where we need to really assess the situation before taking action, so we can avoid causing ourselves and our horses more harm (or worse), in the name of 'prevention', than the original threat, real or fabricated. News stories, claims from manufacturers, and even study reports may be worded to "sound" good when they reveal otherwise. (See the study critique in Stable Environment in this issue.)

The one prevention that is always harmless is GOOD HEALTH, which comes from nurturing ourselves and our animals with clean, safe, healthy, natural whole food and natural living (appropriate for the species), and by nurturing our environment, our Earth. The lack of healthy options in living and eating can be overcome by supporting organic and sustainable growers and suppliers, and supporting businesses FOR us, our animals, our health, and our world, which will help everyone.

Being fearful of all other preventions, and critically assessing them before considering them, make sense for our horses and us - although not more cents for big business and their self-supporting threats. Buying into the scare tactics, such as "there is no other alternative", only perpetuates ill health for us and our animals . and our world. And then there is terror, which is extreme fear, and terrorism, which is "to coerce with terror" - something that exists not just in foreign countries but right under our noses. And that is how a lot of truths do not become common knowledge.

Fear is not a problem. Our lack of intuition is, however, as is the lack of acceptance of intuition, an ability inherent in everyone. Intuition is defined as "direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process". So when 'knowledge' is questionable, tuning in to our intuition (which we CAN enhance) will help us to perceive if a threat is real or illusionary. Often, the biggest threat is not a communicable disease. If not your own intuition, then trust that of your horses - that may be the reason they won't stand for a shot, a horseshoeing, or a deworming.

We can all thank fear for alerting us to possible danger - and we can then use our intuition and 'knowledge' to choose our response, without panicking.