Magneto-Geometric Remedies - Some Success Stories
By Sylvia Schmid

African Horsesickness (AHS)

We have this killer disease every year in Zimbabwe as soon as the rains start. This year it is very prominent as there were not so many horses inoculated, due to the instability on the farms. On top of this the veterinarians didn't get their full foreign currency allocations to import the necessary drugs to treat it. Many cases were referred to me. Last week a farmer, with 7 horses down with AHS, came to fetch the First Aid Pack (Magneto-Geometric Remedies) for Horse Sickness I put together. One horse was vaccinated the day before and broke out with the disease the very next day; this horse he lost unfortunately - the remedies would be antidoted  with the vaccine. All others were treated with MGR remedies and survived. He came back to thank me and said: ''I had to get very old and desperate to try this paper stuff and look now -100% success, this is unheard of with this disease. Believe me I have been around for some time, we got to save only the few odd ones. One was down with red eyes and I know for a fact this is a symptom which means it's too late, the horse is dying, but even he survived."

I believe through the global warming we will get these diseases also in America , Canada and other parts of the world soon. 

Cat poisoning

There are still many domestic pets dying with being poisoned with rat poison, either on purpose like three of my own dogs or by accident like Baxter our cat. He got this great rat and brought it home. Soon after he was looking very odd as he was leaning on the wall, ready to fall over sideways. I did check immediately with the pendulum and poisoning came up positive. I did potentize this dreadful rat poison after my dogs died from it and since then it has saved so far 3 other dogs and now Baxter the cat. He was given one dose twice a day in a 200C potency. After sleeping most of the rest of the day, he was very thirsty the next day and recovered to the full.

MGR Remedies for Cattle

One year ago a friend of mine was beside herself - her herd of Dexters was ill with Gallsickness . This is a tickborne disease and once the fever is noticed it is usually too late to do anything - the affected cow dies within 12 - 24 hours. I was not prepared to sit back and join the crowds and repeat, "Oh well, there is nothing to be done"! I went home, potentized what I thought might help, and her hubby put all my info on the computer so we gave the correct remedy to the right cow at the right time. What a great outcome - not one more cow was lost! Since then we use these remedies to 'vaccinate' before the rainy season, and there were no further deaths from this disease on her farm.

The next year she had an outbreak of Teileriosis. We did the same and saved all animals. Now they get an MGR 'vaccination' every three months, an energetic imprint of the disease, and all has been well so far.

Champion Dressage Horse of the Year

A lady called me to get her horse checked out - it was lame already for over one year, but being her favorite, she refused to listen to the vets' advise of putting him down. I got that there was still a foreign body imbedded in his foot and gave him some Silica 30X. Three days later she phoned me and told me that there was an 'opening' with discharge above his hoof on the coronet. I begged her to please just use the WAR remedy from the First Aid Pack to hold off the infection, wash the wound only with salt water a few times a day, and not to put him on antibiotics again. I explained to her that this would lock the whole process in again. She did as advised and a day later she felt something hard in the wound - a piece of bent nail came out. This is quite an amazing story, as her son is a vet too, had the horse's foot ex-rayed three times, and nothing showed up on the ex-ray.

Instead of being put down, this horse recovered and won the yearly National Dressage Championships the following year. He has won many Dressage and jumping events since and is now getting on to 20 years of age, still competing with great enthusiasm. I went to see this special horse later and he gave me a hug! As I entered the paddock he just grabbed me with his neck and hugged me. The owner was screeching, "Don't worry, don't worry, he won't hurt you - he is hugging you." He only does this to his beloved owner usually; I had a very special treat.

MGR First Aid Remedies

There were too many calls for help with urgent things like colic, so I decided seven years ago I need to get an emergency kit together especially for colic. The distances here are vast and I cannot attend to every sick horse in time in Zimbabwe. The First Aid for Colic was the first pack. Soon followed a First Aid for Horses and from there on I was pestered to do one for cattle, for dogs, kids, babies, etc. etc. So many times this came in handy; when people phone me with some ailment, I can just say 'take this and that out of your First Aid Kit so and so'. It is also great to know that when everything is closed, there is a First Aid handy.

Elephant baby

It even saved a baby elephant with dreadful diarrhoea 200 km away. This little one was left by mistake during a culling operation and it was taken in by a farmer. He was in a terrible state and the owners were worried to lose him. I tested over a photograph and some few hairs they found on him. I sent the remedies, also Paramedic Rescue, for his ordeal and this little one grew into a very big one with no more problems! This often helps me to convince 'big men' that just a tiny bit of rice paper will fix a grown man too - it fixed the elephant! 

Be well,


About the author:

Sylvia Schmid is a Doctor of Homeopathy and a Reiki Master. She practices The Equine Touch and is very active in rescue and rehabilitation in conflict-ridden Zimbabwe, Africa. Her remedies and expertise have helped save hundreds of horses, even with life-threatening conditions for which conventional medicines have failed. Due to the lack of availability of conventional medications, homeopathy and MGRs have been heavily relied upon and have proven very valuable. Sylvia can be reached at, 800-660-8923, PO Box 758, Leesport, PA 19533.