Energy Remedies


Magneto Geometric Remedies – Coded Message Bearers
By Sylvia Schmid

These MGRs, made on rice paper, contain the information pattern of the substances they represent and are used to encourage the body to heal itself – via merely a vibrational message.

Excluding surgery, manipulation and methods involving direct adjustments of the patient's physical body, there appear to be not more than two basic ways in which a therapist can influence him. He can introduce into the patient coded instructions, designed to remind him what to do to remedy his disorders (which would include all oral remedies other than food supplements) and he can provide him with the material substances required by his organism to fulfill those instructions. All homeopathic remedies, however, prepared above the 12C potency, and all magneto-geometrically-prepared remedies regardless of potency, are solely coded message bearers, nothing else. They do not contain the material, but only the information pattern of the substances they represent. - Malcolm Rae, the inventor of the potency simulator

Magneto Geometric Remedies (MGRs) are potentized according to an exact geometric pattern which replicates the energy pattern of any given substance. They are pure energy, not matter. This is why one dose can be as small as possible and work just the same as a big piece. It is the dosage that counts and not the size of the piece. All remedies are one piece of edible rice paper with the remedy potentized onto it. One can treat several different times with it, depending on how small one cuts the rice paper pieces.

MGRs are prepared on a potency simulator, a machine that transfers the energy pattern of a remedy-card or a substance magnetically onto the required medium which can be a water-alcohol solution, a tablet, sac lac pills or rice paper. Why rice paper? In practice it was found that rice paper was much easier to store, and to administer - especially to little children, as they can choke on pills, and to animals, who can't spit them out or bite one easily.

MGRs work along the homeopathic principle, while at the same time they cannot be regarded as homeopathic, because there is no dilution of any substances involved. They are potentized though, via a radionics process. Is it just in the mind then? No, otherwise these remedies would not work on animals.

Any fine vibrational remedy is best taken at least 15 minutes prior to food or 1½ hours after food. Simply put a small piece of the remedy on the tongue or in the case of an animal stick it to his gums, lifting up the side of his mouth. The best results are achieved when the remedy is taken as soon as any discomfort or imbalance is noted.

Can one overdose with them? Not if taken as instructed. If a remedy has to be repeated often, put a piece in water, stir every time before taking the next dose (this makes the potency slightly higher and cancels out the last, the lower potency), and take 2 tsp. as needed. As a rule of thumb: a 30 potency not more often than 3 – 6 times daily, a 200 potency 1 – 2 times daily, an M potency once daily or every second day, and a 10M potency once every second- or third day. All these First Aid remedies are mixtures and are therefore much safer than a single remedy in the hands of someone inexperienced with potencies.

Less is best. As with homeopathy, as soon as improvement of the condition sets in, reduce the dose or stop taking it altogether. These remedies still carry on working in our vibrational body for a long time (weeks, if we don't antidote them with coffee, bubble-gum, toothpaste camphor-rubs etc.) after we have taken them. This is probably also the reason why they work faster and quite often better in animals.

How long can they be stored? If they are not exposed to direct sunlight, extreme heat or any strong smelling substance, and are kept dry, they last for a long time or indefinitely, as we are not dealing with matter and there is no expiration date.

About the author:
Sylvia Schmid is a Doctor of Homeopathy and a Reiki Master. She practices The Equine Touch and is very active in rescue and rehabilitation in conflict-ridden Zimbabwe, Africa. Her remedies and expertise have helped save hundreds of horses, even with life-threatening conditions for which conventional medicines have failed. Due to the lack of availability of conventional medications, homeopathy and MGRs have been heavily relied upon and have proven very valuable. Sylvia can be reached at, 800-660-8923, PO Box 758, Leesport, PA 19533.