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The Natural Way – Coming April 12 and 13, 2003

Christy Sheidy, President of Another Chance 4 Horses Equine Rescue in Bernville, PA, has decided to enhance this year’s adoption weekend with seminars on natural care for horses. She has organized a ‘mini-expo’ with speakers (some of NHM’s favorites), vendors, booths, books, videos, tack, supplies, horses to adopt, and more. This one-of-a-kind event will be happening April 12 and 13, 2003, in Shartlesville, PA, at the Mountain Springs Rodeo Resort, generously donated for the cause by Rich Miller.

Christy believes that education can play a big part in reducing the number of homeless horses in our world today. It’s a great concept: If we can teach owners what common practices contribute to breakdown and illness, if we can teach them something better to do or use instead, if we can teach owners what horses are all about so they are understood and accepted for what they are, if we can teach owners what horses need and don’t need in the way of care and maintenance, if we can present the idea that horses are thinking and feeling beings, if we can present the idea that competing and breeding should be done responsibly, and if we can teach owners to know the difference between pain and behavior problems (that’s a lot of Ifs), we would have a LOT less homeless horses.

Most people involved with rescues realize that it isn’t enough to keep rescuing horses; rescues are inundated with homeless horses of all ages and kinds these days. Something needs to be done at the sources. Efforts are huge and rescues are popping up all over the place, yet it still resembles trying to use a band-aid to stop a hemorrhage. Thousands of horses of all ages and kinds are ending up in rescues, from numerous sources - many are rescued from ‘kill pens’ at auctions, slaughter houses, abuse and neglect situations, and unethical horse industry practices; some had loving owners who became incapable of keeping them any longer. It’s a result of a combination of factors, but ignorance, greed, a throw-away mentality, and a lack of ethics play a large part in the homeless problem. The ignorance is probably the most fixable, and addressing that would address the other factors eventually.

Thus the reason for offering natural horse care seminars at adoption time - it is prevention. Natural care knowledge will be available to adopters and anyone else who attends this April event. There is always something to learn, and it is definitely more fun to learn about horses in the company of other horse lovers.

Another Chance 4 Horses is self-funded; donations and sponsors are very much needed. Literally hundreds of horses are going through auctions weekly where ‘killer buyers’ bid on them - they need to be rescued, and they cost money. Many of the horses that come to the rescue are underweight, in need of medical attention, and/or have existing problems that require ongoing care, which can be expensive. Please help Another Chance 4 Horses with your donation or sponsorship, and read all about them in this issue’s Feature Article section.

For more information:
Another Chance 4 Horses
Christy C. Sheidy, President
166 Station Rd
Bernville, PA 19506
email to:
Horses Available - through adoption, lease, sponsorship and foster care

Be sure to attend ‘The Natural Way’ April 12 and 13, and bring along all your horsey friends and relatives. You will be glad you did!