Natural Horsemanship

I got summa those 7 Games under my belt… uh… cinch. Not that I wear a saddle much anymore. My person has us all porcupinin', drivin', circlin', squeezin', and more. I do a great Yo-Yo; always have. And Squeeze. I've had myself in more tight spots than I care to remember. And sideways? Why, I always had a knack for knowin' just how far and how fast to sidle away from my buddies' gnashin' teeth, or a cranky kid's grasp. Nothin' to it. As for rubbin' me to a halt, no problem, I prefer not to go anywhere anyway, til I need to. I save my energy.

For instance, the great advantage to bein' last on the trail is if ya lag behind a bit, when the trail dead-ends you got less back-trackin' to do. If ya keep one corner of your eye on the lead horse when trailblazin', you can pick up on that look - he glances back to his rider with a "You really think we can git through here, boss?" kinda look in his eye, and then the next thing ya know they all start slowin' down, then they stop (or pile up if they're goin' lickety split). Then everybody has to back up, turn around, and back-track - back to where I stopped half a mile ago 'cause I noticed that look. Not to mention bein' last means ya don't get hung up in the cobwebs or drenched from the dew-soaked leaves, and there'll be less thorns and burrs left to be snagged by. There, ya have a few more of my longevity secrets.

We horses know how to be horses better than anybody, which is why I like natural horsemanship. We get to be the teachers. Horsefolk observe us, learn the ropes from us, and copy it to speak our language. We get to ignore 'em (and not get in trouble for it) if we want, and they just try harder to help us 'get it'. It is a very humblin' experience to many of 'em when we give 'em that "Whut??" look. And I love it that they don't lose their temper; gettin' angry ain't gonna help nothin'. What a great new way of life we're all in for.

I just wanna say that I think its great that so many youngsters and oldsters are playin' these games with their horses and usin' natural horsemanship. It's about time horsefolk learned to think more like us horses.

Naturally, P-pot