Honor Thy Vets

Honor thy vets. Not just veterinarians, but veterans. Like veterans of war. They deserve honor, and our thanks, after all they went through fightin' for us and our land. (I might not have pasture, or amber waves of grain, if it hadn't been for them defendin' America.)

Although the many herds I've had citizenship with since my birth (durin' the decade after World War II) were constantly under attack (by unseen predators in the bush, in the shadows, inside plastic bags and behind oak stumps), we were spared any genuine attacks. Nevertheless, we stood around united and alert at all times, like our US armed forces.

One veteran that I have had the recent pleasure to become acquainted with, through family, was a member of the WWII armed forces. He's even older than I am, but his wit is still sharp as a mesquite thorn. Bein' a friend of the family, he got to see a sample of Natural Horse and liked it. In his letter of thanks he admitted bravely (like a true soldier) that he isn't really a horse fancier:

…I am not really a horse fancier…but perhaps I should be, since during my lifetime many times people have related to me with an "equine emphasis". For instance, some people said that I haven't a LICK OF HORSE SENSE. Some even called me a HORSE'S ARSE. And I have been warned not to look a GIFT-HORSE IN THE MOUTH. Teachers told me to STOP HORSING AROUND…and Navy DI's told me to SADDLE-UP and get moving. I also remember people telling me the scoop….STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH. And when people didn't believe what I told them…they called things I said "HORSE….!" Even some of my bad dreams were called….nightMARES. When I danced they referred to it as….HOOFING IT. Small bottles of beer that I consumed were …PONY-bottles. When I showed disdain for something, they said I BRIDLED. I also remember being warned not to CHANGE HORSES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREAM. One of my bosses at work told me to quit STALLING. But in spite of everything…I never even wagered a dime on a horse race, nor did I own a MUSTANG, but I did own a MAVERICK and a PINTO. So, maybe after all….I might be kind of a "horsey guy". So I guess you could say I'm not MULISH about the subject.

My kinda guy. Doctor Klopp, his buddies call him, and I wondered if he is a vet(erinarian) or a people doctor. Turns out they call him that 'cause his initials are DR, not because of medical credentials. Of course 'doctor' literally means 'learned one' and 'teacher', and guess what - it turns out he taught school in a school district nearby. Small world. My hat's off to DR Klopp, and the other vets of the world - all of them, even future veterans. Thank you; I salute you.

(not so) Private P-pot