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A A Handful of Good, Fun Books

For the holidays, the following fun-to-read books will make great gifts - for you too!

"Horse Sense" By Jan Neubert Schult
© 2001 by Jan Neubert Schultz
Carolrhoda Books, Inc.
ISBN 1-57505-998-3
Hardcover, small size, 175 pages
Approx. $16

This is an entertaining story of Will Sasse, his horse Star, and the outlaw Jesse James. A father and his young son have different ideas about what is important and worthwhile in life and about horses. The James gang, who appear to be just newcomers to the area, rob the town and steal Will's beloved mare Star. Will joins the posse to hunt them down. As this capturing adventure unfolds, both father and son learn the value in some of each others' ideas and they find common ground. It is a delightfully fun and exciting book to read!

"Walter Spills the Oats" By Don Blazer
© 2000 by Don Blazer
Success Is Easy
ISBN 0-9660127-3-9
Softcover, 92 pages
Approx. $15

Walter is a horse who has a lot to say, and we would do well to listen. At least that is what Walter would say. Don Blazer's humorous and endearing style shows through every page, and Walter shares his thoughts about what people should be doing FOR their horses instead of TO them. This book will have you chuckling and, like Don, eating out of Walter's hands… er, hooves.






"Trading Paper" By Cali Canberra
© 2001 by Cali Canberra
Newchi Publishing
ISBN 0-97-05004-0-8
Soft cover, 283 pages
Approx. $15

"Trading Paper" is entertaining fiction about the Arabian horse industry in the 1980's. Having had first-hand experience living, breathing, trading, selling, and breeding in this elite industry, the author has spun a realistic and intriguing tale of murder, corruption, ignorance, and manipulation with twists, turns, and interwoven relationships. The plot gets thick and ends with a resounding bang!





"Best Friends" By Samantha Glen
© 2001 By Samantha Glen
Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN 1-57566-735-5
Soft cover, 284 pages
Approx. $15

"Best Friends, The True Story of the World's Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary" is a collection of 47 excellently written, cheerful and tearful short-story accounts about the animals, people, and events at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. It details how Best Friends was born and came to be the nation's largest no-kill refuge for abused and abandoned animals. "Best Friends", with an introduction by Mary Tyler Moore, will have you laughing and crying, story after touching story, as Samantha shares the hilarious and heart wrenching experiences with a truly entertaining style. The centerfold has 16 pages of endearing photos. This book will keep you reading and reading!

A Great Gift Video for the Dog and Dog Lover

Bodywork for Dogs: Connecting through Massage, Acupressure and Intuitive Touch

By Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones
© 2000 Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones
Over 60 mins.
Animals Healing, Inc.
PO Box 545
Pound Ridge, NY 10576

"Bodywork for Dogs - Connecting Through Massage, Acupressure and Intuitive Touch" with Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones, Licensed Massage Therapists, is an information-packed video that has been featured in international publications, on radio and TV. Animals Healing's mission - "to educate and inspire people to explore the mutual healing that animals, people and the earth bring to each other" - is evident throughout this beautiful video. Viewers will learn simple yet powerful techniques for improving the health and happiness of their animals while enhancing their relationships. A new deep and wholistic awareness is instilled in the viewer as a full-length bodywork session is presented. Dogs of all ages, temperaments, and states of health can benefit from these gentle techniques. Every dog and dog owner will absolutely love this video.