A Workshop with Kathy George

Animal communication raises a lot of eyebrows. It also raises a lot of interest. The good turnout at Kathy George's Animal Communication Workshop in May, West Chester, PA, certainly proved that. Kathy's workshop brought a room full of interested animal lovers from various distances and various walks of life, all eager to learn another way to communicate with animals. Here's how it went.

Day 1 - Level I
Packets of information and items for use in class were distributed while idle chatter and friendly talk filled the air. When all arrived and were seated in a circle, Kathy spoke and we became partially aware of what we would be doing and experiencing. We were in for some real exercise, she warned - not in the sense of physical exertion, but in the sense of exercising a muscle that may not have been used for a very long time. We all have that 'muscle' to communicate via the mind, and most of us use it to some extent without really knowing it, but few use it to its maximum. Therefore, getting 'tired' was expected, as one would get after using any muscle that hadn't been used much.

One thing that was mentioned is that animal communication and other intuitive endeavors bring about fine-tuning of all the senses. Bad habits such as smoking and drinking are counterproductive, and once a certain level of sensitivity is reached, one becomes much more 'bodily sensitive' as well. Damaging effects of harmful habits that once didn't seem to bother the body start becoming apparent, and, for many, making the change to stop harmful habits becomes easy. She also stressed the importance of drinking plenty of water, to keep the body flushed of toxins that build when using the newly awakened 'muscle'.

Animal communication, being a telepathic communication, can be instantaneous - the moment you get the question out, the answer comes back. Answers may also come more slowly, or in a sensation, such as feeling a pain in a certain part of the body, or an overall sensation or emotion. In turn, the animals know our true intentions and emotions. Their answers are truthful, and we cannot 'lie' telepathically. To lie, one takes the truth, distorts it, then makes it into the lie. This entire process would be revealed to the receiver of the information, not just the end product. Another interesting note is that the word 'not' needs to be avoided. Animals don't understand it, and in thought it is difficult to convey. We humans might know what a red circle with a slash through it means, but not the animals! For example, to send the thought, "don't jump up" one would need to use "stand on all four feet" or "sit" as our mental image. Communicating with animals telepathically, just as with verbal communication, involves etiquette as well, and there are times when it can be appropriate or inappropriate to attempt a conversation or make a request.

Kathy asked that we introduce ourselves, and one by one we shared our reasons for attending. Most of us owned various animals and wished to be able to understand them better, and to learn how to listen to them in ways we had not done previously. Kathy talked a bit more about animal communicating and opening 'new doors' and explained what we would be doing throughout the day. Then she started us on our first exercise.

Our first exercise was intended to wake up our 'muscle'. It was a meditation, narrated by Kathy, that took us on a tour to meet an animal, open our 'third eye' or 'heart chakra door', and merge 'auras'. Kathy explained briefly beforehand the meaning of these words and stressed that we should not get hung up on the words, that they are concepts, and that we may have different words for them. She explained that we would hopefully meet an animal, stand next to it and be able to see through that animal's eyes, and to share its emotions and energy. It was a unique experience for most of us, and it was interesting to hear the reports that were shared afterward of where the imaginations went and what happened.

Another exercise involved taking partners and taking turns sending mental images to each other. Kathy named the color, and we thought up a shape. It was interesting to find that many objects turned up in people's minds other than our partners. Granted, some objects were commonplace and could have been guessed. But when a purple sneaker image turned up across the room, we began to realize that perhaps we really could send and receive messages. We also noted similarities in shades of the colors verbalized by Kathy; she said blue, but to some, distinct shades of blue were verified. We also participated in an exercise with our partners that showed us all that we have communicated telepathically with our animals before. In this exercise we were to also listen without judgment.

Later we pulled out the animal photos we each brought and participated in further exercises. We asked questions of each others' animals and verified the answers with the owners. This was when things really seemed to start happening. When rooms, toys, food bowls, blankets, yards, other animals and more were accurately described, the tears of realization came out. It was more than our imaginations. Though we were not yet feeling confident, we were certainly encouraged, and those who were not 'getting it' at all were in awe of what was happening with those who were. Everybody tried, everybody participated, yet a few seemed unable to send and receive messages. Kathy said not to worry and explained that it may come later, and that practice is essential to getting good at it.

The healthy lunch and snacks provided were delicious and much appreciated that day, and we were indeed mentally tired after the full day. Our 'muscles' had been put to the test, and though they may have been functioning questionably or awkwardly, we had certainly awakened them. Time and practice would tell if we could really refine our skills.

Day 2 - Level II
Those of us who had arranged to take Level II (a slightly smaller class than the previous day) showed up tired but ready for more. Today we would again use that weak 'muscle' and sharpen our skills. We would also hopefully enter the realm of communicating with deceased animals. Again, we had brought photos to look at, but we would later try to do without the photos because they are not necessary when communicating.

Kathy explained that while some of us thought that our imaginations might be getting in the way, our imaginations being open is important. The word does have 'image' in it… and we do mentally process images in animal communications. How could we determine if an 'answer' was just something that popped into our imaginations from perhaps a previous memory or experience, or was it a true conveyance of thought from another? Practice and experience would tell.

We started with a meditation that asked our animal guide to come to us and guide us in the day's journey. Then we did another meditation, then got started asking questions of our animals and others' animals. We exchanged photos again and more interesting answers about physical ailments and specific situations were verified.

Later we pulled out the photos of our deceased animals and asked questions that others answered, some very accurately. The remainder of the day was spent asking questions and communicating with various animals, whether alive or deceased, and with discussion of the 'now' and the 'hereafter' and why it is not easy to tell if an animal is among the living or deceased when communicating with them. Tears came at times but the overall mood of the day was lighthearted and happy, and though we missed our animals physically, many of us felt their presence.

The weekend proved to heighten awareness, open doors, and give us all a different perspective on life and communicating with animals. My experiences were very vivid, though I still question where my imagination ends and communication begins. I frequently make verbal 'idle chatter' with my animals, but now I remind myself to pause and listen for their answers. I get some very quick responses and there is mental interchange, but whether it is all in my mind or not, I have yet to be clear about. I doubt that I 'think up' some of the things that pop into my thoughts. Practice and time will tell, and I can always call Kathy for verification!

Kathy's exuberance set a cheerful but respectful atmosphere and we laughed, cried, and made new friends. We learned about related practices and experimented with pendulum dowsing and rods. We talked about animals and what their significance is according to some cultures, such as the horse meaning freedom and the badger meaning courage. Kathy provided interesting and informative handouts on these things and more, and gave us tips on communicating with the owners of the animals with which we may communicate. She stressed that though we may get messages of a physical ailment, an animal communicator cannot diagnose, prescribe, or advise on medications or adjustment of medications. A good communicator will encourage veterinary involvement if they receive a message of pain or illness in an animal.

It was a very enjoyable workshop and we all learned many new things in addition to animal communicating. Animal communication allows us to understand animals better and allows animals to understand us. It allows us to find answers that cannot be found any other way. It is fun and enlightening conversing with them, and most of all it enables us to listen and learn, and to enjoy a much better relationship with our animals. Anybody who wants to can learn to do it. We all have that 'muscle', that inborn ability; it just needs to be awakened and used.

About Kathy George:
Kathy studied with Anita Curtis in her basic and advanced workshops and later apprenticed with her in instructing others. Kathy offers "How to Hear the Animals" Workshops Levels I and II, and is available for phone consultations as well as lectures.
She says, "The animals have a lot to offer us; we just need to slow down and listen. We live in a total microwave society; everything has to be at our fingertips in a minute or less. We can't hear our own thoughts, let alone the animals' messages. It's a great gift we are all born with but we need to stop for more than a minute to hear."
Kathy will be offering a 2-day workshop in Unionville again this spring. Visit her web site, www.kgeorgeanimaltalk.com, for updates on workshop dates.