Tina Nawrocki, Young Artist

Tina Nawrocki, equine painter, surrounded by her works of art.

Have you ever known someone whose talent was so special that it couldn't be kept a secret? Tina is one such young lady, and here is her story.

Tina Nawrocki was born in Poland on the 16th of December 1985. In 1989, she and her family immigrated to Canada, and she has lived in Montreal ever since. Drawing and painting have always occupied much of her time. While still in a primary school, she won first place twice in the Desjardins drawing contest, as well as a few prizes in some competitions organized by her school. Recently she won The Gazette's contest for a poster against drug abuse.

Tina's love for horses manifested itself as early as her artistic talent. As a ten year old, she began realistically portraying these beautiful animals, using the dry pastel technique. In 1997, she switched to the more demanding oil method, which she learned without any professional instruction.

In 1999, Tina left for an eight-month stay in Poland, where she had the opportunity of horseback riding, sketching horses from nature, and painting, using photographs and her own sketches. During her entire stay, she created sixteen works, all of which found buyers in Poland, Germany, Canada, and the USA.

In August 1999, Tina returned to Montreal, where she goes to FACE, a school offering a fine arts program. Even though she has schoolwork to do, she manages to find the time to reach for her paints and brushes every day, or at least on the weekends. New paintings are created, produced in a more mature style. Her idol is the Polish-German historic painter, Joseph Brandt, who painted at the turn of the 19th century. During her stay in her homeland, Tina had the opportunity of seeing a number of his works, depicting horses, Cossacks and steppes.


Tina's accomplishments include:
Individual exhibitions - 2000, Montreal's Hippodrom, Canada; 2001, Cultural Centre, Nun's Island, Montreal, Canada
Group exhibitions - 2000, Montreal's Hippodrom, Canada; 2001, Center East Galleries, Saskatoon, Canada
Publications - The Gazette, Horse Power, Horse Annual, Polish Horse, Greenhawk Catalog, Le Journal de Montreal, Le Magazine

A white horse painted by Tina and gracing the cover of a greeting card bears special significance. Tina explains, "As for the white horse on the card, its title is Blanka. I have special sentiment to that painting because it is the horse of my great grandmother, who was a liaison officer in the 1920 war against communistic Russia in my homeland, Poland. She would ride from camp to camp on her horse, Blanka. This painting is dedicated to her memory."

Recently Tina got a full scholarship from the Kaspar Foundation. The foundation will cover all the costs of a trip to Lexington Kentucky where she will take a workshop in horse anatomy organized by the American Academy of Equine Art.

Tina's hopes and dreams for the future are very precise. Like Joseph Brandt, she wants to own a stable, be able to ride every day and be a recognized horse painter.

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