How Herbal Medicine Works According to Doc Bradley

"Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food."

By Sandy Bradley, VMD

There are certain principles that I, personally, have had to adopt in order to see the astounding results for myself, patients, and loved ones. Here are some of those foundational precepts, or principles, which led me to a better understanding of how to stay healthier. The way I have adopted and how I use these principles are contrary to all conventional teaching and often to some of the teachings of "alternative" or "complementary" medical practices.

One precept is that "true" herbs are food, and if an herb cannot be safely eaten like an apple, then it is not a "true" herb. That which can safely be eaten and ingested in its natural form is all that should be taken into the body. I use only those safe herbs in my treatments. (See NHM Volume 3, Issue 2, Expert Exchange.)

Another precept is that there are only four major ways disease develops in the body (what we eat, drink, breathe, and absorb through our skins) and only five major ways the tissue can respond, pathologically, in both people and pets. Therefore we don't need this elaborate system of medical language and diagnosis; it is just not necessary.

The "definitive diagnosis" of our pathological condition or dis-ease is not necessarily important, if we focus on removing or minimizing all sources of toxins to the body as much as possible. Treatment does not focus on any one body system (like the conventional approach is to consult an endocrinologist, dermatologist, etc.), but rather views the body as if it is one whole system. The object of this whole-istic approach is total body support and total restoration.

The synergistic effects of all natural, unadulterated, plant foods, Divinely designed for our bodies, as only our Creator can do, is all that is needed to start the repair, finish the repair and maintain the restored part and entire body; in other words focus on building the body with "true" herbal foods and not on identifying the bug or offending source of toxin or poison to the body. In building the body, you build every cell, and the immune system includes every cell of the body, not just those parts dictated by conventional definition.

If herbal plant foods are your medicine, then the concept of dosage is irrelevant, and applying dosages to food/herbal plant food is merely a regulation assigned by the FDA. Dosage is necessary in the use of drugs and harmful plants (ephedra and ma huang, for example), but not with "true" herbal plant foods. We don't eat in doses. Calculating calories and grams are a big part of some diet plans, but were never a part of the original plan for food consumption and are not needed if one eats wisely.

The use and reliance upon tests, in my practice and experience, have offered more confusion and deception rather than being major tools in properly assessing the injured systems, which are revealed most by clinical signs and there are many of them, in both early and late stages of disease. The course of disease is often manipulated, controlled and worsened by dependence on man-made tests designed to invade and alter Divinely designed tissue. Total restoration can and does happen without them. If there are no life threatening clinical signs, then it doesn't matter if there are cancer cells (or worse) circulating, because in today's contaminated world every creature has some degree of these abnormal, proliferating cells.
We are taught and conditioned to ignore and cover up these God-given signs that are shown in many diverse ways all over our bodies. The exact or definitive cause may never be found, but the effects of that cause are always manifested.

The answer, in my professional, clinical, and spiritual experience, is to focus on measures of preventing the manifestation of these cells and maintaining a high level of immunity. This is accomplished by true, organic food consumption along with minimal toxic exposure to the skin and lungs. Unfortunately, in today's world, it is easy to use and consume 'instruments of death' because they are the ones offered and made available on a large scale.

The challenge then is choosing how to create a favorable environment for health, which is also an unfavorable environment for that organism or causative agent to continue existing in our bodies - the sacred temples in which our spirits and that of the One Who created us reside. The concept is simple. Terminate or reduce the flow of toxins into the body and flood the body with nutrient-dense, unadulterated, natural, God-made, "true" herbal foods. Remember, herbs, in the way I use the word herbs, are food. If an herb cannot be consumed as safely as an apple can, then I consider them like drugs in that they are counterfeit medicine and I avoid them.

Be committed to doing your best! If you adopt the standard of eating only true herbal foods and true organic foods, you can change your life for the better.

Medicine and spirituality are inseparable. Choose your medicine wisely; it is a matter of whom you believe and whom you trust as the basic source of authority in your life.

About the author:
I am Doc Bradley, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, disappointed in the allopathic education taught as truth. I am now dedicated to serving and educating those who wish to hear how SIMPLE medicine can reverse cancers, obliterate lesions, restore muscle, bone, tendons, and ligaments without surgery, correct blood and hormonal disorders, abolish AIDS, and in essence, combat every disease process, even genetic - if one believes in the basic principles and has faith in the Creator who provided them. In more than 5,000 cases, of those treated from this approach, more than 90% were helped just on "true", organic, herbal foods and dietary management - including myself.

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