Synastry - Improving Relationships Through Astrology  

Astrology charts show the locations of the planets at a given time, such as when an individual was born,
or at the time of a consultation.

By Susan Rifkin Ajamian

It is both enlightening and great fun to explore and better understand our relationships with the animals in our lives. Theresa Whitedove, an astrologer and animal communicator, feels this is particularly appropriate now. She said, "The theme for this century is working together, in an interconnection among beings and the planet. This is an important time to bring forth skills, gifts and abilities to support this."

Synastry Examines Relationships
Theresa explains how we can use astrology to help us do this. "Astrology is a symbol system that speaks through a language of elements, signs, houses and planets," she says. Synastry is the use of astrology to examine the relationship between two beings. When Theresa combines it with animal communication, synastry is an informative and exciting technique for exploring the relationship between a person and his or her animal companion.

Through synastry Theresa determines why the two beings were brought into each other's lives, and she discusses ways their combined energy can flow more smoothly. She then suggests how to improve their communications and work with each other to best fulfill their destiny.

Theresa believes, "The purpose of astrology is to serve as a self-reflective tool to look for significance and meaning in our lives. It can help guide us to open up to our highest potential. Synastry can help identify the purpose of the relationship and its destiny. It is also a tool for addressing issues that arise. Everything is a gift we can use in a beneficial way to transform ourselves and our world."

The Process
Theresa demonstrated how synastry is able to do this with Kim Walnes and her eight year-old stallion Gideon Goodheart and also Chris Treml and her 25-year-old gelding Cody.

They provided Theresa with each individual's birth date, time, and geographic location, along with photographs of Gideon and Cody. Everyone's birth information was available except for Cody's time of day, so for this Theresa used the astrological technique "rectification", which allows one to determine a likely time.

Then Theresa produced several charts for each individual and pair. One chart showed the locations of the planets when the individual was born, i.e. the Natal chart. Another chart showed the position of the planets at the time of the consultation. And some charts showed the planets for both individuals. A composite chart showed the midpoints of the two individuals' planets. This chart showed their relationship as if it were an entity.

Theresa used the photographs to help her contact Gideon and Cody so she could 'talk' with each of them and get an impression of their personalitiesto help her to interpret the charts. For example, all the kittens in a litter would have nearly identical charts. But each one has a unique personality, which helps her discern the appropriate interpretation from the symbols in the chart.

Then Theresa had a telephone consultation with Kim and Gideon, then Chris and Cody. She also recommended talking again in six months to see if the pairs are working together more smoothly since they each have more information about their souls' purpose.

Kim and Gideon
Kim Walnes is a former National Champion Three-Day Event Rider and member of the US Olympic Team. She travels around the U.S. giving clinics, lectures and lessons using her knowledge of Centered Riding, Feldenkrais methods, sports psychology, natural horsemanship, and Equine Touch. She is the rider and breeder of Gideon Goodheart. He is an eight year-old stallion, half Connemara and half Irish Sport Horse whom she uses in riding lessons and is planning to compete in reining and combined training.

Kim said, "I was stunned at the detail" of the information she learned from her synastry consultation. "There was lots of confirmation, such as him being a great teacher, a great communicator, and a Sacred Warrior."

When asked if synastry revealed information different from animal communications, Kim said, "The information about his emotions was new. By learning that Gideon has so much water in his chart, it really helped me to understand why he reacts to the emotions around him so strongly. This gives me a greater understanding and more patience with both of us.

"What I like best is that I have so much better clarity about our relationship, and our communication is now clearer. We both understand each other's needs better, such as his need to process over time. I hadn't known this before. He is so intelligent that I always assumed that he processed quickly."

When Theresa asked Gideon what he thought of the synastry he said, "It shows us possibilities in working with our energies more masterfully, which is something I came here to do."

" I've noticed a big change in Gideon since the consultation," said Kim. "Now that I know more deeply that we are such good joint teachers, I will ask him for more help in MY teaching."

Chris and Cody
Chris Treml and her Quarter Horse Cody have been together for 18 years, ever since Chris bought him at an auction when he was 6 years old and when she was in high school. Chris earned her BS in Animal BioScience, and Cody's wild behavior inspired her to study TTEAM, Brain Integration, and Results Counseling. She also studied Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch, and animal communication. And Chris became a Master in both Usui and Tera Mai Seichem Reiki.

Theresa Whitedove

Theresa said Cody's opinion of the synastry analysis was, "I am glad to be a part of the learning, growth, and acceleration that comes from this. We talk to you in this way because you relate to us from this level and see us as intelligent and feeling beings."

Chris thought Cody revealed more about himself to Theresa than he normally does with an animal communicator. Chris said, "I think it was harder for him to hide behind his 'dumb act' because the truth about him was written out in the astrology charts for Theresa to see. Even though many people thought Cody was a crazy nut case, I always felt safe with him. It is only his top layer of emotions that appear flighty. He is an excellent judge of character. He pins his ears or moves between me and someone he thinks is a threat. I thought it was significant that Theresa recognized how truly stable and protective he is."

"For me, much of the synastry session was a confirmation of information I received over the years, and it was wonderful to have someone else verify the emotional stability and protectiveness I saw in him, that other people would not see."

Theresa Whitedove resides with her family in Pennsylvania, USA. She has a BS in Counseling and a Master's degree in Mysticism. She has a private practice in which she uses Transformational Astrology, Animal Communication, Counseling, subtle energies, and light to assist people and animals by encouraging empowerment and clarity. Theresa Whitedove can be contacted at 215-230-0360 or



About the author:
Susan Rifkin Ajamian is a regular contributor to NHM who greatly enjoyed and was impressed with what she learned through doing this article and through synastry consultations about her relationship with Cassandra (her cat) and Richie (her horse)