Study Shows ALAVIS MSM Provides Pain Relief, Reduces Inflammation in Standardbreds

GREENVILLE, PA, FEBRUARY 12, 2001 - A recent study completed by Ronald J. Riegel, DVM, concluded "ALAVIS MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) is an effective natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory substance that provides a great benefit not only to the equine athlete, but also to all of the equine species that receive it."

The 12-week study of 30 Standardbred racehorses also showed that the group receiving the largest oral dose of ALAVIS MSM averaged a decrease in training times of 2.62 seconds.

According to Riegel, "This reduction is truly remarkable in that all ten animals improved their times."

Riegel chose racing Standardbreds for his study because they are subjected to constant strain and trauma from normal training regimes.

"If proper administration of ALAVIS MSM would provide analgesia and an anti-
inflammatory action, the quality of life and athletic potential for these animals would be greatly enhanced," said Riegel.

In the study, Riegel divided the 30 horses into three groups of 10 animals. Group one was a control group and received no ALAVIS MSM. Group two received 10 grams of ALAVIS MSM orally each day through the use of a dose syringe. Group three received 20 grams of ALAVIS MSM orally each day.

In performing the study, Riegel compared thermographic and serum chemistry levels, as well as training times. Each animal was thermographed initially and then at regular intervals over the 12-week period. Infrared thermography provides an image depicting the quanta of thermal radiation being emitted by the animal-a measurement of surface temperature that is a reflection of the underlying tissues. Blood samples were drawn initially and at weekly intervals to be submitted for serum chemistry analysis. Finally, racing and training mile records were kept throughout the entire study.

Other results of the study were as follows:

* An initial dose of 20 grams of ALAVIS MSM/day for six weeks provided immediate results and these results could be maintained at a 10 gram/day level.

* ALAVIS MSM has an anti-inflammatory action as evidenced by the 56% reduction in thermal gradients compared to the control group.

* ALAVIS MSM has an analgesic effect upon the muscle tissues. The onset of this effect is very rapid with the administration of 20 grams/day.

* There were no side effects after the 12-week administration of ALAVIS MSM at dosages of up to 20 grams/day.

* Animals that received ALAVIS MSM recovered from exercise faster and manifested a better appetite than the control group.

* Casual observation revealed an improved hair coat and increased hoof growth in the animals supplemented with ALAVIS MSM.

MSM is a naturally occurring compound found in both plants and animals (including horses and humans). Each molecule of MSM is one-third sulfur by weight. When given orally to the racing Standardbred, ALAVIS MSM provides an organic source of sulfur.

Sulfur is required in biochemical functions, such as in the formation of the cross-bridges/links between collagen molecules. This alters the formation of scar tissue. The sulfur cross-bridges also add strength and stability to collagen rich tissues such as tendons, ligaments and joint tissues.

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