The Way of the Horse
By Dan Sumerel

Let me have as much freedom as possible, as I find confinement unnatural and unnerving.
Be aware of my nature and don't expect me to be that which I cannot.
I will give you control of me if you show you are worthy of being my leader.
Once I see I can trust and understand you, I will be happy to follow your lead.
Be consistent in how you treat me and don't hurt me.
I will respect your space and do my best not to hurt you in any way.
If you continue to act in this fashion, my bond with you will grow stronger and stronger, with no ultimate limit.
I will be your friend and play with you as often as you like.
And I will carry you through fire, should you ask.
For I am your horse.

Copyright 2000, Dan Sumerel

About the author:
Dan Sumerel is a lecturer, author and trainer, known across the US and Australia for his ability to help people solve problems with their horses. His lectures are usually packed at horse shows everywhere and his workshops have helped people change the behavior in horses of every breed and discipline around. He has worked with beginners to world champions, addressing both physical and behavioral conditions. Dan's new book, "Finding The Magic" was already in its second printing after just 100 days on the market. Dan Sumerel: Sumerel Training System, 24 Mulberry Circle, Lynchburg, VA 24502; 804-237-2012.