: Depicting the Vital Force in the Horse

By Tanya Nolte, DIHom

Your horse's body has its own innate intelligence described as the 'Vital Force' which balances, guides, and animates the horse on all levels both in health and disease. The VF is what maintains your horse's health in a state of equi-librium. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, wrote..."Without the Vital Force the material body is unable to feel, or act, or maintain itself."

Hahnemann was not the first to postulate the energy form of the VF. The ancient Chinese had their own concept of life force named by them as 'Chi', and the Indian Yogis termed it as 'Prana'. The VF, although a slightly different interpretation, is regarded as a form of energy which permeates all living creatures and is an integral part of their whole being!

Hahnemann founded his medicine not on physics and chemistry, but on the universal laws of life and motion. Life is energy... without energy there is no life, there is no motion. He also describes the life power as the 'dynamis'; the dynamic centre equals the centre of power, and the VF, or life force, is the action of the power.

Disease is the deviation from a former healthy state which was felt by the individual patient to an unhealthy disturbance as a resultant reaction to external disruptive stimuli upon the VF. This can be observed by the outwardly perceptible signs and symptoms of your horse, even before physical signs manifest.

As disease evolves it is the functional changes, primary symptoms, that are seen to precede organic or structural changes which become the secondary symptoms. The physical symptoms are merely the effects of the primary source.

Take, for example, a tumour. The homeopath prescribes for the patient by perceiving the symptoms that represent the disturbance to the VF and its primary response that culminate as a totality of symptoms which precede the final result of the development of the tumour. The homeopath does not prescribe on the tumour, the end product of this process.

Homeopathy can be defined as the 'Science of Vital Dynamics' in that it can correct the disordered VF and ensuing functional changes in each individual patient, irrespective of the disease label. It is the totality of all the perceptible signs that form the portrait of the disease which is the reflection of the VF out of balance.

When the VF has been disturbed, it is its resulting attempt to maintain homeostasis that produces symptoms - via the medium of the brain as mental and emotional symptoms, and the nervous system which extends to all parts of the body to make visible external signs. These manifestations that become disease are that particular horse's expression of his central vital reaction and resistance to some injurious agent or influence.

Cure of disease, or the restoration of a healthy state, likewise stems from the internal core of your horse to the outer layers as suggested in 'Hering's Law of Cure'..."symptoms disappear from within outward, from important organ to less important organ, from above downward, and in the reverse order of their appearance."

The defence mechanism is a tool of the VF. It helps to balance states of disease via the immune system, the reticuloendothelial system, the endocrine system, the nervous system, and other important physical mechanisms. However, it is also responsible for encompassing the mental and emotional levels as well. It functions as a totality, an integrated whole, setting up defences to benefit the horse in the best possible manner at any given situation. The correct homeopathic remedy works with the VF by assisting it to stimulate the defence mechanism and promote self healing.

The energy of the VF has its own vibrational frequency. The VF of each individual horse will have its own rate of vibrational frequency too. This is why it is important to individualise each patient in order to match the vibration of the patient to the corresponding resonating remedy. This can be compared to using two tuning forks of the same pitch. When one tuning fork in the note of 'G' is struck, the 'G' tuning fork across the room will begin vibrating in resonance with the first. Had the second tuning fork been of a different pitch no resonating vibration would have occurred. The same applies to a homeopathic remedy, a substance that may only have the vibrational frequency imprinted to it of the original product.

The symptoms that have manifested as the expression of a mistunement are like the words and tune to a song. So, we look for the same words and tune in a homeopathic remedy to find the one that is going to resonate with your horse to stimulate and strengthen his defence mechanism to restore harmony. Hence another phrase of Hahnemann's, "Like Cures Like...any substance which can produce a totality of symptoms in a healthy organism can cure that totality of symptoms in a sick organism."

Another way to look at symptoms is that they are the body's response to rid itself of disease. Let's suppose that.your horse has ingested some bacterial poisons in spoiled feed. The body's natural response is to rid itself of the toxins by purging or passing diarrhoea in an effort to remove the dangerous agent from the gastrointestinal tract. Often the use of allopathic (conventional) drugs are used to stop the discharges but this limits the body's own attempt to self heal, perhaps even suppressing the symptoms to another deeper level as the imbalance still needs an outlet, so, toxins may then be absorbed through the damaged intestinal lining ultimately making your horse much sicker.

The progression of disease follows a general pattern from least to most critical systems. Naturally, this pattern varies with each individual but goes something like this: skin, nose, eyes, mouth; to stomach, intestines, bladder; to lungs, and glands such as adrenals, pituitary, thyroid, and reproductive; to kidneys, liver; and finally to the heart, and brain. Some disease processes stay within an organ system; e.g.. bladder dysfunction may progress to kidney disease; nose and sinus trouble may progress to lung affections.

As your horse's health deteriorates, it is no longer able to contain disease to one area so then creates more symptoms in even more areas, involving more important organ systems. Once we see multi-focal disturbance in the horse we know its VF is weak, and the horse is very ill.

The correct homeopathic remedy can invigorate the VF so that the immune system can regain its original strength, or homeostasis. This alleviates disease without masking symptoms, and as the symptoms reverse, so too will the external symptoms diminish. At times, the perceptible signs of illness may increase in the initial stages of homeopathic treatment. This is said to be an 'aggravation' or 'healing crisis'. This is due to the resonance of the correct remedy vibrating to the same frequency as that of the disease resulting in a release of energy. It could also be said that previously thwarted healing responses have been stimulated enough to now resist disease and begin repair. Additionally, as the symptoms move outwards from a deeper disturbance, more visible and superficial signs will become apparent. Therefore, to observe a shift from a lung affection to a skin inflammation is a progression towards health, not further disease. When allopathic drugs have been used the opposite is often seen and may indicate that your horse is moving away from the direction of cure!

The energetic effect that can be placed on the VF was summed up in Hahnemann's writings in 'The Organon of Medicine' in 1833, aphorism # 16 translated by Steven Decker, edited and annotated by Wenda Brewster O'Reilly PhD.

"Our life force, as spirit-like dynamis, cannot be seized and affected by damaging impingements on the healthy organism (through inimical potences from the external world that disturb the harmonious play of life) other than in a spirit-like, dynamic way. In like manner, the only way the medical-art practitioner can remove such morbid mistunements (the diseases) from the dynamis is by the spirit-like (dynamic, virtual) tunement-altering energies of the serviceable medicines acting upon our spirit-like life force. These energies are perceived through the ubiquitous feeling-sense of the nerves in the organism. Accordingly, curative medicines can reestablish health and life's harmony only through dynamic action of the life principal. The curative medicines reestablish health after the alterations in the patient's condition that are noticeable to our senses (i.e. the symptom complex) have portrayed the disease to the attentively observing and investigating medical-art practitioner as completely as is necessary for the cure of the disease."

About the author:
Tanya Nolte, DIHom, lives in NSW, Australia. She is a professional member of the Australian Homoeopathic Association and the Holistic Animal Therapy Association of Australia. Tan is a veterinary nurse of 7 years and a classical homoeopath of 6 conducting consultations at the veterinary clinic, a human clinic, and privately. She recently completed her full 3-year Diploma in Homoeopathy and 2 years in the Medical Sciences of Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathophysiology, Symptomatology and Differential Diagnoses. Animals have always been in her life. She has worked with and trained horses for 25 years, has been involved with other animal welfare and care for almost that long, and has been a successful competitor in a multitude of riding disciplines since childhood. She also breeds horses and currently owns and cares for nine. She is available for online consultations.

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