Survey – please participate!!

In this issue we feature a detailed case history (Part 1) of Gambi, a foundered horse, who, even with all the conventional care possible, was getting worse and worse until the unconventional was tried, and guess what – he got better. This grueling but rewarding journey is one that many people with foundered horses could embark upon. Due to the mysteries and questions that still surround laminitis and founder, and their onset, conventional care statistics for recovery are low. Founder is not a death sentence; that common belief is slowly being replaced with the fact that many horses are regrowing normal, healthy hooves as a result of natural living conditions and the Dr. Strasser barefoot trim. Nor are the 'mysteries' so mysterious anymore, now that Dr. Strasser's research has shown some very valid reasons for why domestic horses so often suffer from health and hoof problems, including laminitis and founder.

While reading about the predisposing factors to Gambi's founder, and the 'coincidental' onsets of founder after receiving each round of vaccinations, I decided to ask all of you readers if you too have had similar 'coincidences'. In the interest of horse health, and with the hopes of finding some possible connections, we ask that you check your vaccination records for dates and cross-check your health records for any health or physical problems, or even behavioral changes, after vaccinations (up to 6 months later) and let us know what you find.

This is a general interest survey only and the results (no names, just statistics) will be revealed in a later issue. Illnesses or problems after vaccinations should always be reported to the veterinarian, even if the veterinarian cautions that there MAY be a stiff neck or colic or whatever. Veterinarians need to be notified about both expected and unexpected reactions. After a veterinary diagnosis of vaccinosis (ill effects of vaccination) in my mare with severe skin problems – which suddenly appeared after routine, regular vaccinations - I began to wonder just how many other seemingly unrelated problems are coming forth after vaccinations. I have been making my own observations of friends' and acquaintances' horses, and I wonder how many others are out there. Please help us out and send in your survey sheet. Feel free to make copies for friends who may want to participate. Horses who have since passed on can be included as well; perhaps the reason they passed on has a lot to do with this matter.

I am asking all you readers, and your friends, to please fill out and mail in the enclosed survey sheet, it is in Adobe Acrobat Reader form and can be downloaded and printed. We are curious as to how many cases of laminitis, founder, allergy, colic, ulcers, joint disease, bone problems, head-shaking, or any other disease or injury, no matter how mild or seemingly-unrelated, were preceded by vaccinations. We think this is a start in the direction of clearing up some mysteries and hopefully finding some answers. The book "DPT: A Shot in the Dark" by H. Coulter contains some interesting theories about the effects of vaccination.