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The Benefits of Slow Feeding Horses PLUS a Product Giveaway from Hay Pillow Inc. (www.thehaypillow.com)


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The Benefits of Slow Feeding Horses PLUS a Product Giveaway from Hay Pillow Inc. (www.thehaypillow.com)

The Benefits of Slow Feeding Horses PLUS a Product Giveaway from Hay Pillow Inc. (www.thehaypillow.com)

Natural Horse Magazine has always advocated free-choice hay feeding, but this can often be a challenge for various reasons. In the past few years, various slow feeding products have come onto the market to address the challenges of free-choice feeding. “I personally have eight Hay Pillows that we use for our herd of seven geldings”, states Natural Horse Publisher Lisa Ross-Williams. “The boys actually prefer to eat out of their Hay Pillow rather than the loose piles of hay on the ground. This product, which is made in the USA, is of the highest quality and withstands the abuse my boys often give the pillows”.

Why a slow feed system for your horse?

Reduces the risk of ulcers. A horse's stomach produces acid 24 hours a day in preparation for constant uptake and can empty in as little as 15-20 minutes. Saliva and hay reduce stomach acid. Equines naturally graze 18-24 hours a day therefore food should always be available. The lack of food produces a stressful situation which can be a large contributing factor.
Increased digestion. If your horse consumes hay too quickly, it will not have enough time to digest it properly. Proper digestion and fermentation require time and movement. Using multiple bags/locations will encourage both. This will keep fermentation going consistently, effectively keeping the hindgut weighted and healthy, as a result, preventing conditions that can contribute to colic.
Minimize or alleviates boredom. Horses allowed to continuously slow feed benefit both physiologically and psychologically. Being kept occupied helps to prevent vices from developing. Horses only sleep 3 to 4 hours in a 24 hour period and usually no longer than 20 minutes at a time, food tends to be their main focus.
Increased chew time wears teeth more naturally and produces more saliva.
Little to no wasted hay. Saving you money!

Weight management. Hay is grass with the water reduced; each mouthful is a more concentrated source of calories. Hay contains seven to eight times more calories than live grass per pound. Grass is 70 to 80% water as opposed to sun cured hay at 5 to 10%. If your horse is overweight, slow feeding will help to regulate insulin spikes and metabolism. If underweight, can help increase digestion and assimilation of calories and nutrients.

Monique Warren, creator of The Hay Pillow has graciously offered to donate one standard or one hanging Hay Pillow at a $69.99 value to this Natural Horse Magazine Giveaway.

The Standard™ and Mini Hay Pillow™ Original and Version II are the only slow feed hay bags designed for use on the ground; allowing your horse to eat in a natural grazing position and encourage movement! The best choice for voracious eaters; when used on the ground it is not attached to anything so they can’t tug or pull on it. Mini Hay Pillow is designed specifically for miniature horses and ponies.

Hanging Hay Pillow ™ and Hanging Hay Pillow II ™ are also available for those who prefer to hang a bag. It is appropriate for any size horse or pony. Great for horse trailers and stalls!

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment telling us why you believe your equine would benefit from a Hay Pillow. A winner will be picked at random. Deadline is December 7th, 2013.

For more information about The Hay Pillow, visit www.thehaypillow.com

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