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Some Interesting Info on Bees!


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Some Interesting Info on Bees!


Well, what we originally thought was just a swarm of scout bees looking for a new hive location turned out to be a full active group of bees with a queen.  They were in a large empty plant pot by Kenny’s shop and we were told by the first bee keeper we contacted that they would probably leave within 2 days.  When they didn’t we called another keeper who came out.


They had already built 5 large cones and Cliff, the Bee Wrangler explained that the queen (who was probably already turned into Africanized) was laying 3000 eggs per day.  He was able to take around 250,000 bees with him.  He plans to introduce them to a new hive on his property.  He will have to kill the queen and replace her with a European queen. 


When he moved the pot, this man was covered in black and he moved the cones and starting scooping handfuls of bees into a box for transport.  There were about 5000 bees left over and he told us not to go near them as they were probably Africanized and would be aggressive.  Thankfully, they were gone the next day.  It was a good thing we did not wait any longer or it would have been a huge hive.


Cliff said he is getting about 100 calls a week and 95% of these hives are Africanized which he must euthanize.  Thankfully, our hive was a majority of European bees so they will live a happy life on Cliff’s farm.


I plan on having Cliff write an article for Natural Horse Magazine next Spring as he is a wealth of information.


Bees are amazing and are in trouble so anything we can do to support them, is important.  Also, Natural Horse Magazine ran an awesome article on the Benefits of Bee Pollen by Stephanie Krahl in Vol 14, Issue 4.  www.naturalhorse.com

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