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Circles in Healing with Glen Dupree, DVM


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Circles in Healing with Glen Dupree, DVM

Volume 15, Issue 3-Holistic Hall of Fame

TITLE: Circles in Healing with Glen Dupree, DVM
By Dutch Henry

"I'm committed to teaching the Homeopathic way of living, healing and empowering our animals, and ourselves," Dr. Glen Dupree said. The mission statement for his practice, "For the Animals", is "We are dedicated to the art and science of classical homeopathy and its application in veterinary medicine."

As a boy growing up on a small family farm in Louisiana, Dr. Dupree learned early that harmony is necessary for healthy living - for animals and humans. It would take years for him to fully understand and appreciate that all things are connected, that a truly holistic approach to life was better for the animals - and the world. A connection with animals in his early years made his choice to enroll in veterinary college an easy one; his grandmother once reminded him, "If you become a veterinarian you'll like your patients."
While pursuing his degree, Dr. Dupree worked at a local feedlot that was to be his first employer upon graduating from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1982. By the end of the year, economic conditions caused the feedlot to close. Still needing to put groceries on the table, Glen opened his own practice in 1983.

Dr. Dupree set about the business of treating pets and livestock using all conventional methods of modern veterinary medicine. The economy slipped a bit more and in time his base of customers was almost exclusively companion animals and horses. His grandmother had been right - he did like his patients. He liked them so much that, as the years went by and he kept seeing the same animals and treating them for the same (and more serious) problems as they aged, he yearned for a better way to help them. He also began to notice an overall decline in the pet and horse population's general health as conventional medicine became more aggressive, placing more vaccines and drugs at the veterinarian’s disposal.

Disenchanted with treating and re-treating, and confident that there had to be something better - some connection to health, not simply treating issues and illness with ever stronger, more damaging medicines and steroids - he began a search for alternatives. The search led him to the American Holistic Veterinarian Medical Association (AHVMA) where he was able to study with, and learn from, people who were already practicing alternative medicine.

Dr. Dupree thought acupuncture would be a good start; it had been around a long time, people were using it, and he reasoned that it would be accepted in his practice most readily. He looked into the school only to find he was one day late to register for that year. They offered to put him on the list for the next year's class. He didn't have the patience to wait a year, so he continued to search for other avenues to help those in his care. His search led him to Dr. Richard Pitcairn and his Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy.
Glen attended a talk given by Dr. Pitcairn. It was at this lecture that Dr. Pitcairn explained that humans and animals are all the same; this cemented Dr. Dupree's understanding that the holistic approach to health and healing was the only way. It made clear in his mind the course he would follow.

Concurrently, the Duprees were trying to help their son who had been born with conditions that conventional medicine had been unable to remedy; conditions that, by now, had begun to worsen. Dr. Dupree's search for alternative treatments began to take on even more ferocity. He was not willing to accept the prognoses that their son would never be able to live on his own, would never have his own life. After all, if standard medicine was (often) unable to truly help animals, how could it truly help people?

1995 and 1996 are what Dr. Dupree called his "Jekyll and Hyde" years – those years when he practiced conventional veterinary medicine in the daytime and studied under Dr. Pitcairn at night. It was a most challenging and rewarding time. As he watched the frequent failings of conventional treatments he became more and more committed to the true health of the homeopathic way. Dr. Dupree was certified by the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy in 1996.

Circles of life continued to lead and guide Dr. Dupree along the path of learning the homeopathic way of healing and teaching when in 1997 Dr. Dupree was offered the opportunity to become part of an exclusively homeopathic practice in Pennsylvania. He sold his practice in Louisiana and moved north. For the next three years he learned and honed the skills necessary to truly live, teach, and practice homeopathic veterinary medicine. Then economic circumstances forced him back home to Louisiana to resume his old practice.
But he did not resume his old practice, entirely. He immediately began to make the transition toward total homeopathic care, education, and treatment, carefully and gently introducing the homeopathic ideas, methods, and practices. At first some of his clients resisted. They still wanted immediate "right now results for today's problems," such as steroid shots and other invasive treatments. Dr. Dupree explained that "Whatever's done today is going to be reflected in the future."

In 2004 Dr. Dupree totally discarded the conventional philosophy that "everything has to be done right now to take care of today's problem without regard for future health." So committed was he to teaching and healing instead of "treating" that he closed his practice. For him there was no longer any other way. He would, from that day forward, focus on "wellness rather than treating the disease." It was a huge risk financially, but it, in the circle of life for Dr. Dupree, was no risk at all.

His practice began to branch out. He was able to begin touching lives and circles far from his home using a brand new website. Eventually he converted to a strictly consulting practice and began teaching weekend classes including an introduction to homeopathy, veterinary homeopathy, and animal homeopathy. He began to tour and give lectures. During one of those lectures a woman from the Texas Organic Farmers and Growers Association heard him and invited him to speak to their organization. Meeting them and understanding their desires, Dr. Dupree saw clearly how he must include agriculture in his practice.

At last his search had formed a complete circle. Dr. Dupree would still be dealing with companion animals and equine health and wellness. He could help the livestock farmers because homeopathy is more economical than conventional medicine, and he could help the consumer too, because the producers could now supply a more nutritious product.

Dr. Dupree didn't travel as much for lectures in recent years. In Feb 2011, he was diagnosed with stage 4 liver and pancreatic cancers. The best the doctors could offer was chemotherapy and 2 months. So he applied his own teachings of homeopathy to himself, adding almost 2 quality years to his life.

During that time he remained focused on education, continuing to write for many publications. On February 27, 2013 Dr. Dupree crossed the Rainbow Bridge. His spirit and teachings live on and will continue to inspire, motivate and heal for years to come. Dr. Dupree had been able to introduce people all over the world to lives of homeopathic wellness. Glen’s son is now grown, living his life, independent and healthy. Glen’s book Homeopathy In Organic Livestock is a how-to for those seeking a healthier way. Through his website, www.homeopathyfortheanimals.com, Glen offered webinars, seminars and courses for the study of homeopathy as well as consultations for individuals, groups and veterinarians.
The life circle that began with his grandmother's advice that he would like his patients has grown to include and change the lives of many, and we are all the better for it.

About the author:

Dutch Henry is a freelance author who writes about "People & Horses Helping Horses & People" and horse advocate and novelist who resides in Virginia with his wife, Robin, of 36 years, horses, dogs, cats and chickens. You can reach Dutch at dutchhenry@hughes.net. He would love to hear from you. His novel We'll Have the Summer is available on Amazon and Dutch’s website,

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