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EWA and ALC produce evidence showing GAO Horse Welfare report was fraudulent

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July 31, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: John Holland, President, Equine Welfare Alliance 540.268.5693   Laura Allen, Executive Director, Animal Law Coalition 425.419.7301     EWA and… more »

RV's Journey with Equine Recurrent Uveitis (ERU)

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Rv is a 21-year-old thoroughbred who was diagnosed with Equine Recurrent uveitis (ERU) 3 years ago. We were in the midst of our showing career when he came in from the pasture with his first flare-up. When his left eye did not clear up and the swelling… more »

Yes! Your horse can enjoy those summer fruits too!

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Some horse owners feed a few fruits and vegetables to their horses to lend variety and add interest to their bucket food, with the most popular items being apples and carrots. Oth- ers use these tasty foods to encourage poor eaters to eat their feed st… more »

Seasonal Considerations to Keep Your Horse Healthy--Summer

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Seasonal Considerations to Keep Your Horse Healthy--Summer By Lisa Ross-Williams While you create your natural environment, there are seasonal considerations to keep in mind. Your geographical region will dictate specific challenges, but for most the… more »

USDA to Grant Horse Meat Inspections

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   USDA to Grant Horse Meat Inspections  EWA (Chicago) – The Equine Welfare Alliance has learned from multiple sources that the USDA will announce a grant of horse meat inspections to the Valley Meats Company in Roswell, NM tomorrow. The plant has been… more »
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