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What is Theraputic Riding?

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Ever wonder about Therapeutic Riding…what it is and what it consists of? Therapeutic riding is used for people who have a physician’s statement that it is safe for them to ride,  thus the disabilities served range from developmental delay (both physical… more »

Disaster and Fire Season Precautions and Planning

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Disaster and Fire Season Precautions and Planning Published in Natural Horse Magazine 2005 By Jessica Lynn   With all of us just witnessing the horror in the south from hurricanes Katrina and Rita, I felt compelled to send this out just one more… more »

How To Be Your Vet's Star Client!

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How to be Your Vet’s Star Client by Lisa Ross-Williams  Let’s face it – if you have horses, you’ll require the services of a veterinarian, whether it be for an emergency like colic or an injury, or simply to have blood drawn to determine if your horse… more »
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